Witness of Mango Tree

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 07:48
Year: 2015

"Birbal was relied on for dispensing justice in most cases. One day as Birbal was about to leave his palace a servant intervened. Birbal: Tell me, It’s time for the court. Servant: Sir an old man is waiting outside. He has come here to give a complaint. Birbal: Ok send him in. The old man entered the room. Birbal: Tell me what the problem is. Old man: Sir, two months back ... Old man: I had planned for a pilgrimage. I can’t carry this bag of gold coins. What will I do now? The old man thought for a while. Old man: Ah that should be a good idea. Old man had a neighbour who was his friend. He met him in the mango grove near his house. Friend: Ah welcome welcome, what has brought you here? Old man: Hey, I have planned for a pilgrimage. I do not know when I will return. Till my return why don’t you keep this? Friend: What’s that? Seems to be heavy! Old man: Yes. Thousand gold coins. All my savings. Keep this safely. Friend: Oh no problem. I will keep it safe. The moment you return, you can come and collect it. You see it’s a big burden for me to keep your money. Old man: Thank you. I will take leave now. Friend: Ok see you, have a happy journey. Bye. The moment old man left the friend who saw the bag became greedy. Days passed and the old man returned back and went straight to his friend’s house. Friend: Oh welcome, how was your trip? What have you bought for this friend? Old man: I have bought many things. I will give you. Can I have my bag now? Friend: What bag? What are you talking about? You never gave my any bag. Old man: Come on... enough of your joke. Give me my bag which contains all my savings. Friend: You old man. You have become too old so you have forgotten everything. Remember well. You would have given it to someone else . You never gave me any bag. Is that clear? Old man: This has happened sir... Only you have to help me to get my money back. Birbal: Oh I see. Now I need to enquire your friend too. So bring him to the court tomorrow. The next day the old man and his friend came to the court. Birbal: So he is your friend. Hmm... He says that he has given the bag to you. Is it true? Friend: Why should I lie sir? He has not given the bag to me. Birbal: Ok tell me old man..was there any one with you when you gave the bag? Old man: No sir. Birbal: Where exactly did you hand over the bag of money to him? Old man: Under a mango tree sir? Friend: It is a lie sir. Birbal: Under a mango tree. Why didn’t you tell me this earlier? Ok that tree can be brought here as a witness. Go immediately to the tree and order it to come here. The old man was confused. Old man: Sir what! How can a tree….. Birbal: I understand. Go and call the tree. Tell the tree that its Birbal’s order. The tree will come. Make your move now. Old man (to himself): How can a tree come here as a witness. But if I don’t go, Birbal will be angry. There is no other go but to carry out his order. So he left for the grove. Meanwhile in the court... Minister: We have been waiting for the old man for more than an hour. Birbal: Be patient. He will soon be back. Friend: How can the old man be back soon? He could not even have reached the place. Birbal: Is the mango grove far from here? Friend: Yes sir, it is more than three miles away. Birbal: Well but any way we have to wait till he returns. Hours later, the old man returned Birbal: What happened? Have you brought the witness? Old man: Sir, I repeated your order thrice but the tree did not move. Birbal: Don’t worry. That mango tree has already borne witness. Everyone was puzzled and was waiting for Birbal’s explanation. Birbal turned to the old man’s friend. Birbal: You are the liar. The old man did give the money bag to you. How else could you know which grove he was going to and how far away it was? Friend: That... that... Birbal: Guards take him away and put him in prison. Before that he has to return the money to the old man. Old man: Thank you very much sir. "


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