Wedding Ceremony

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 02:57
Year: 2015

"Next morning the palace was filled with guests. The surrounding was filled with enthusiasm and joy. Balarama, Krishna, Dhuryodhana, Shakuni and everyone gathered. Maid: How long will you take to dress up? Come lets go. Everyone is waiting. Sasirekha: Wait. The prince is going to have a great time. Let me prepare myself. Maid: Great time. I don’t understand Sasirekha: You will when the time comes. Come let’s go. They both walked to the room where wedding is being conducted. Dhuryodhana: Our prince is looking great. Sakuni: Definitely, lovely boy. Priest: Prince, Do you remember our custom. Lakshman: I know you proceed. Sasirekha sat before Lakshman. Priest: I will guide you what to do? First bless her. (With rice) Lakshman was about to bless her but Sasirekha showed him very funny faces. Lakshman was taken aback. Lakshman: Am seeing funny faces or it is a dream. He closed his eyes for a moment and then saw her. Lakshman: Ah, I should have dreamt. Again when Lakshman was about to bless her, she showed a Lions face. Lakshman: Aiyo... help help! He ran towards Shakuni. Everyone was shocked. Dhuriyodhana: What happened, my son? Lakshman: Lion Lion… Sakuni: Lion…Where is the Lion? Lakshman: There there.. Lakshman pointed his finger towards Sasirekha. Sasirekha: Father what is this? Balarama: Even I am confused. Dhuriyodhana: Go. Don’t talk rubbish. Lakshman gathered some courage and went near Sasirekha. Priest: Why do you fear? She is a girl. Go bless her. Lakshman: Hmmm... Why…Why I should fear? This time when he was about to bless she showed the face of the Beer. When Lakshman fainted. Balarama: I hope you are not playing with me. Krishna, any guess? Krishna: Brother, don’t worry. They cheated the Pandavas and they are here to cheat us now. Let us find the truth. Here is a magical stool, which will bring the truth out. Anyone who stand on this will tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Balarama: Then I request Shakuni to stand on this and speak his mind. "


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