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The story of'' Velaikaran 'brings out the magnanimity of Savitri (K.R. Vijaya), who, chooses the employer's son Raajkumar over her own son Gajapathy, to safe guard the child and the wealth, for which she is a trustee, from the evil Dhanraj. She is accused of murdering her husband by her father-in-law, and is denied permission to bring up her own son. Savitri leaves the house with the promise that she on her own would never reveal her true identity to her son. Years roll by, Gajapathy (Rajnikanth), decides to come to Chennai to make a living. He lands up as a waiter in the very hotel which is owned by Raajkumar (Sarat Babu). Here he meets Kaushalya (Amala) and both fall in love with each other. Gajapathy meets Savitri and both develop a strange bond. Dhanraaj, the uncle of Raajkumar, makes several attempts to kill Raajkumar, but all his attempts are thwarted by Gajapathy. Will Gajapathy learn the truth that Savitri is his own mother; will he be able to save Raajkumar from the evil Dhanraj?


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