Two Goats

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:49
Year: 2015

"Once in a forest there lived two goats... a black one and a white one. The white one was living a luxurious life. He had servants to help him in all the chores at home. One day. The white goat was taking bath. White: Where is my servant? Hello you... what are you doing there. Come here. There came the elephant who was his maid. White: Are you not supposed to shower the water when I come for bath? Do you expect me to remind you everyday? From tomorrow you should be ready before I come to bath. Do you understand? Elephant: Yes sir. White: Hmm... shower the water. The elephant sucked the water in his trunk and showered it on the goat. He enjoyed the bath. This was his life style. On the other hand the black goat was very health conscious. Everyday he used to do exercises. His breakfast would be eggs and milk. In the forest there was a small stream that ran between two hills. Over this stream there was a narrow bridge. If two persons came from the opposite ends of this bridge at the same time, one must wait for the other to cross before he could go over. One morning the white goat .... White goat: Hey you come here? Servant goat: Yes sir. White goat: Hmm. Get my chariot ready. I want to go for a ride. Servant goat: I will get it ready sir. The white goat got into the chariot and started his ride. He was happily sitting back in the chariot while the servant goat pulled it. They reached the narrow bridge. The white goat who was relaxing now was curious and looking at the opposite side of the bridge. It was the black goat in the chariot. They both reached the opposite sides of the bridge at the same time. Black goat: Hold on a minute. I am coming over. White goat: No I will go over first. I am in a hurry. Black goat: What ever it is. I will not wait for you. White goat: I will not go back. You wait. White goat: Go back and let me cross. Black goat: You do that. They both started to cross the bridge. The servant goats were afraid. White goat: Let me get down and see who wins. They both met in the middle of the bridge. They argued for sometime and they were very angry. Each drew back. Their heads came together with force. They again drew back and dashed again. The two servant goats watched helplessly. As they were fighting they lost their balance and fell down. As the water was gushing down both the goats were drowned and went along with the water to an unknown destination. Moral: Be polite and respect others around you. "


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