Two Friends

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 02:50
Year: 2015

"In a small village there lived two friends whose names were Sethu and Madhavan. These two lived in the nearby streets and were always found together. One day... Sethu: Madhavan there is a festival going on in our nearby village... we will go. Madhavan: Hey wait for me. Let me tell my mom and come. Madhavan went and told his mom and came back. Madhavan: Let’s go... my mom told me that we should go safely and return home. Both of them started walking in the Jungle. Sethu: Madhavan come fast. Then all of a sudden they heard some noise. Madhavan: What’s that noise Sethu? Sethu: Hey this looks like the voice of a bear. They looked towards the direction from where the noise was coming. They saw a bear coming. Sethu: Madhavan... the bear is coming towards us. Climb the tree fast because the bear does not know how to climb a tree. Madhavan: Hey Sethu ... I do know how to climb a tree. Sethu started climbing the tree. Madhavan: Please help me... While Madhavan was pleading like this the bear came nearer to the tree. Madhavan: Oh God what shall I do now? The bear is coming near me. All of a sudden... Madhavan remembered what his teacher had said once in the class. He suddenly laid himself on the ground and acted as if he was dead. The bear came near him. It first smelled him, then went round and round and sniffed against his face. Then the bear went back the way it had come. Once the bear left Sethu who was watching all this climbed down the tree and came near his friend. Sethu: Madhavan please get up... the bear has left. Please wake up. Madhavan got up. Sethu: Madhavan, I could see the bear telling something in your ears. what did it say? Madhavan: It said that a friend who does not stand by you in times of need is not at all a friend. Sethu bowed his head out of shame. Madhavan walked alone back to his home. MORAL: KEEP AWAY FROM OPPURTUNISTS. "


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