Tricks Of Ghatotkach

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:08
Year: 2015

"Lakshman: Grandfather, I told you that I want to talk to the bride before marriage. Hey priest, tell him. Shakuni: What’s the hurry my grandson? Tomorrow you are going to get married. You can talk to her the whole life after your marriage. Lakshman: Ok… no no I want to talk to her. Or else cancel this marriage. Shakuni: Ok. I will arrange for that. Maid entered Sasirekha’s room. Sasirekha: Now what brings you here? Maid: Uncle Shakuni is calling you. Sasirekha: What is the reason? Maid: Sorry... no idea. Sasirekha: Ok I will go. Sasirekha met Uncle Shakuni Sasirekha: Oh bless me grandfather. Sakuni: God bless you my child. Take these. These are gifts for you. Sasirekha: Ho ornaments. When she took a necklace it broke into two pieces. Shakuni was shocked. Sasirekha: Ho it’s too delicate. We have much better ornaments in our palace. Shakuni was totally confused. Shakuni: Ok forget it. Your fiancé is waiting there. He wants to talk to you. Please… Sasirekha: I will go out before that you should show your talent. Sakuni: My talent? Sasirekha: Yes yes. I want you to roll your dice. Shakuni: Dice, no no I cannot do that. Sasirekha: Then ok, I am not going to meet your grandson. Shakuni: Hmm. I am left with no option. Ok tell me a number. Sasirekha: Hmm... one. Shakuni: I will roll only once. Ok Sasirekha: Ok. Shakuni rolled his dice. First it showed one but later it was two. Sasirekha: One..ah I had won. Sakuni: Look it’s two. Sasirekha. Yes now it’s two. If it is one I won, if it is two you win. Saying so she left the place to meet Lakshman. Shakuni: I can’t believe my eyes. Has she got any magical powers? Lakshman was waiting in the garden. Lakshman: Ah, this grandfather. Why he is taking so long to send her? Sasirekha: Hmhm… Lakshman acts as if he is annoyed. Sasirekha: Hmmm... are you angry with me? Lakshman: No no… Ho you look so beautiful. I don’t find words to speak. Sasirekha: Then I shall go Lakshman: No no… stay here. Lakshman slowly walked towards her. Sasirekha: (To herself) Let me play some tricks. She just saw Lakshman. That’s was it. Lakshman could not move his leg. He tried hard but could not move his leg. Lakshman: (To himself) Ho... I am not able to move my leg. He tried hard but could not move his leg. Sasirekha: What happened? Any help? Lakshman: No no nothing. I am trying some marshal arts. You carry on. Sasirekha returned. The moment she left he was back to normal. Lakshman: Appa. What a terrible moment. The terrified Lakshman too returned to his palace. Dhuriyodhana, uncle Sakuni and the priest gathered in Lakshman's room. Dhuriyodhana: Uncle, why are you looking so disturbed? Shakuni: Nothing… Nothing Dhuriyodhana: Ok let’s go to sleep, tomorrow is the wedding. Son, go and take rest. Everyone dispersed. "


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