Tree Trunk For The Boat

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 07:11
Year: 2015

"There were two villages which were divided by a river. A boatman made his living by ferrying passengers across a river. Everyday he used to take a group of people from one bank to the other and waited for passengers for the return trip. This was his routine. One day Boat man: Oh... It’s too long I have waited. It’s heavily raining too. Before it gets worse let me cross the river. When he was rowing back alone he was carried away by a flood that came from upstream. The current carried the boat but the man managed to reach the banks of the river. Boat man: What will I do now? The boat was only my property. I have lost it. I have to make for the loss immediately. The next day he planned on making another boat and went to the forest looking for a big tree with a large trunk. Boatman: Ho... I have searched for a long time but I could not find a trunk that was suitable for a boat. He searched all day and all evening till night fell and it was dark. Again it started to rain. Boatman: Ho... I have to find out a house so that I can stay tonight. As he walked further, his eyes got a glimpse of light. He walked towards the light. It was a hut. He knocked on the door. A wrinkled old man opened the door. Boatman: Sir, I came to the forest looking for a tree to make a boat but it got dark and I got caught in the rain. Can I stay the night and go home in the morning?” Oldman: Yes. Old woman: Who is that my dear? Boatman: I am surprised; you stay alone in this forest. It really takes guts. The boatman who had not even had a piece of bread from the morning felt terribly hungry. Boatman: Sir, if you don’t mistake me can I have a piece of bread. I am feeling hungry. Oldman: Yes, you sleep for sometime. We will wake you up when the dinner is ready. Make yourself comfortable. The Boatman who lay down could not sleep. He heard some peculiar sound coming from the other room. Boatman: What sound is that? Let me check upon it. The old man opened a box and took a cap made of straw which he put it on his head and said; Old man: Go… go… go… The old man disappeared. Next the old woman too did the same thing Old woman: Go… go… go… She too disappeared. Boatman: I am dreaming or is it true? The boatman went to the box and found two more hats. He took one and put it on his head. Boatman: Go… go…go… Immediately he started flying. Before he could realize what was happening he found himself in the middle of the royal kitchen. The old man and old woman were there eating the royal dishes. They even took some of the plates and spoons which they hid in their bag. When they saw the boatman they immediately put on their caps and said; Oldman : Back to the hut, back back. Old woman: Back to the hut, back back. Both of them disappeared. But the boatman started to eat and drink whatever he could. He forgot about the cap and happily slept there. The Guard who came in found the boatman and took him to the king. Cook: My lord. I have got the culprit. He is the one who is stealing and eating your food every day. King: So you are the one who was the culprit. How dare? Now this will be your last day. Who is there? Tie him to a tree and set fire to him. As per the king’s order the boatman was tied to a huge dried up tree trunk. Boatman: If I had only found this tree trunk earlier, all this wouldn’t have happened. What shall I do now? Logs were arranged around him and as it was a custom the Guard asked him; Cook: What’s your last wish? Boatman: My last wish, last wish... ahh. I have left my hat in the kitchen. I would like to wear it while I die please. Cook: Ok I will bring you the cap. He was given his cap. Boatman: Ok now you can do your job. While the cook lit the firewood he put on the cap and said Boat man: Back to my home, back back. The boatman vanished along with the trunk and found himself before his home. Boatman: Oh my dear wife. Come out come out. Wife: Oh where were you? And what is this? First let me untie you. Tell me what’s all this? Boatman: Ah... nothing much, you remember we were in search of a proper tree trunk for our boat. God himself tied me to this tree and sent me here. Ok... no time to talk. Bring all my tools, I have to carve the boat. The boatman carved a beautiful boat and started his service as before and lived happily with his wife. "


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