Thirsty crow

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:58
Year: 2015

"In a small village a brilliant Crow called Beaky lived on a big thick tree. He used to spend all his time in some research or other. One day he felt very thirsty. Beaky: Oops today it’s very hot. Let me drink some water. Ohh No! the bottle is empty. Ohh.. let me check whether I can get water somewhere. Beaky left the tree in search of water. He went in all direction still he flew further. At one place he slowed down. Beaky: Ahh! there I see a pot. Hope there will be some water in it. Let me check that. When he peeped inside the pot he saw very little water inside it and tried to drink it. But he could not reach the water. Beaky: Oh! God is testing me. What will I do? I am dying out of thirst. Beaky seriously thought of a plan. He saw small stones in a little distance. Immediately Beaky flew and picked the stones. One by one he dropped the stones inside the pot. As the stones went down, the water level graced. The crow now is happy as the water level came up. Beaky: Ahh... Ahh…la.. la… …… Water has come up... now I can drink the water. The Thirsty crow drank to its heart's content. And he flew back to his sweet home. Moral: Think and work hard. You may find solution to any problem. "


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