The Snake and the Crows

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:56
Year: 2015

"A crow and it's wife lived in a beautiful nest built on a big banyan tree. Once the female crow laid four eggs. Female Crow: In a few days these eggs will hatch and we will have four beautiful children. There lived a snake under that banyan tree. Snake: The crow has laid eggs. Today I will have a delicious food. Why still the crows have not gone out in search of food. Let me wake them up. (shout like a cock) Male crow: See everyone is leaving. dear how long you are going to keep watching the eggs like this. Come lets go and get some food to eat and return soon. In a few minutes both the crows left their nest in search of food. The snake peeped out . Snake: Ha Ha! The Crows have left ….. The snake climbed the tree and swallowed the eggs one by one. The female crow when returned , saw the broken eggs and cried aloud. when her husband returned it complained to him about the eggs being eaten away. Female Crow: See that snake has eaten all the eggs and shattered all my dreams about my children. Male crow: Do not cry now dear lets safeguard the eggs next time and save them from that snake. After a few months the crow again laid eggs and both the crows safeguarded the eggs with lot of care. Snake: “What this time these crows are safe guarding their eggs so carefully”. Once again Snake got the opportunity to eat the Crows eggs and he ate it when the crows were little careless. Female Crow: “God why this is happening to me again and again”. I have lost my eggs this time too. Male Crow: Let me go and meet my close friend Fox, I am sure he would have a better idea to protect the eggs from the snake” The crow met the Fox. Fox: Welcome my dear friend it’s a long time since we met, how are you doing? Male crow: What to say? I am here to ask for help. Fox: Don’t worry. Tell me I will help you. The crow narrated the whole story. Fox: I really feel very sad listening to your story and don’t worry friend. We can get rid of the snake very easily. The fox explained the plan to the crow. Crow: Thank you very much. Let me leave. Fox: Bye. Next time come here to invite me for your kids naming ceremony. The crow flew back to its nest. Next day morning the crow flew to the nearby palace. There the queen was having her bath. The crow saw the precious necklace of the queen and before the queen could see , the crow grabbed the necklace and started flying. The guards who saw the crow with the neckace started chasing the crow. The crow finally dropped the necklace in the snake’s hole. Guard 1: Let us kill the snake and take the necklace. Snake: How dare? Who is that greeting me with the necklace? The guards attacked the snake. The guards killed the snake and took the necklace. The Crows which were watching all this from the tree felt happy. MORAL: Intelligence wins over might. "


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