The Red Hill

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 06:59
Year: 2015

"Many years ago, Raja Iskander was the ruler of Singapore. There were many villages near the coast. The villagers lived on fishing. The beach attracted many people. Village headman: Ok guys; let’s start our day’s work. Are your boats ready? Villager 1: (comes running) we can’t go for fishing! We cannot. Village headman: What do you mean? Villager 1: I mean, I mean the sea is filled with swordfish. Village headman: So what, it is also a kind of fish. It will do no harm. Let’s go... The moment the boat entered the sea the swordfish started attacking the boat. Village headman: Its attacking... lets go back to the shore. Turn your boats. Turn. The people were very afraid of these fierce fish. They attacked fishermen out at sea and scared people away from the beaches. Village headman: We should not allow this to continue. We need to work out some way to get rid of these fish. The only way is to complain to the King. Let us go and meet our King. King: Tell me your problem. Village headman narrated the whole story. Village headman: Please help us to get rid of the fish so that we can continue our work. King: Do not worry. I will find out a way to help you. Village headman: Thank you my lord. King: Soldiers, I order to kill all the sword fish which is a menace for the fishermen. Soldiers waited on the beach for the tide to come in. Along with the tide came the fish. The soldiers tried to stab the fish with their sharp spears. But the swordfish defeated them. They killed and injured many brave soldiers. The king heard the news. King: (Horrified) I can’t believe this. I have lost my soldiers. He walked sadly up to the beach. King: What can I do to stop these dreadful swordfish? Suddenly the King heard a voice. Boy: I have an idea. King: Who is that? The king turned around and saw a young boy sitting on a rock. . King: You have an idea! What is that? Boy: Build a wall of banana stems in the water. King: Hmm.. Then Boy: Then when the fish come in on the tide, their sharp swords will pierce the soft stems and they will be trapped. King: Oh what a great idea! I will order my soldiers to do that immediately. The king called the soldiers. King: Cut down all the banana trees you find. Build a long wall of banana stems along the beach. The soldiers carried out the orders of the king and built a long wall of banana stems. King: Let’s wait for the fish to get trapped. At high tide, the fish swam towards the shore and they attacked the stem but their swords stuck fast to the stems of the banana trees. King: Good, the plan is working out. Soldiers kill the trapped fish. King: Soldiers distribute these fish among the villagers. Villager I: Ah, we will have a feast today. This went on for few days and finally... Village man: Ah! No more swordfish. We can go for fishing from tomorrow. The people felt safe and happy again. The King, however felt uneasy. King: That little boy is too clever. I fear he will be more powerful than me one day. I have to get rid of that boy. The next night he ordered four men to kill the little boy. It was about midnight. The four soldiers slowly crept up the hill to the boy’s hut and opened the door. To their surprise they found a strange old woman with long white hair. The boy was nowhere to be seen. The lady furiously shouted... Old lady: (Scream) you wicked men, that boy helped you and yet you want to kill him. I will punish you all for your act. The terrified soldiers fled at once. Old lady: (Sarcastic) Run, run you will see the result of your act now. Suddenly a hole opened up in the ground before them! Thick red blood gushed from it and streamed down the hill. Old lady: Ha ha ha… It stained the ground red. From that day on, the hill has been called Red Hill. Strangely enough, the old woman and the little boy were never seen again. It is said that until the little boy returns, the hill will remain in the colour of blood, to remind people of the evil plot to kill an innocent boy who saved so many lives. "


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