The Priest and the Goat

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:28
Year: 2015

"There lived a priest in a village called Mangalapuram. To perform a big prayer he needed a goat. So he went to meet a rich man in the neighbouring village, and got a goat as gift from him. Priest: Ha! I need to now get the prayer done. With the goat he was returning to his village. Hearing there are ghosts in the forest, he was walking with fear. There were three thieves in the forest. They together planned a trick. Thief 1: Hmmm..! What a fat goat? Thief 2: Yes. It’s quite sometime since we had goat meat. Thief 3: Is that so? Just a few knocks and he would offer the goat by himself and leave. Thief 1: Do not misjudge people. Might be he’s got a knife under him belt. Don’t lose your life for mere piece of meat. Thief 2: That’s right. We need to play a trick and get the goat. They together planned a trick. Thief 1: As per our plan let me go first. The first thief met the priest on his way. Thief 1: Hi Priest? What a pity. Taking a dead calf on your shoulder? for burying or… Priest: You are kidding! I am taking a goat with me. Thief 1: I am not kidding? Then its up to you. The priest continued his journey. After a while, the 2nd thief came in front of him. Thief 2: What’s this? Why are you taking a dog on your shoulder. Is the dog not well? Priest: what a dog.. Are you blind? This is a goat. Have a look. Thief 2: Why should I lie to you? That’s a dog. Barking sound makes me deaf. Saying this he continued his work. Looking back at the goat with doubt, the priest continued his journey. After some distance, the third thief came across the priest. Thief 3: Hey, what’s this? I know donkeys carry load? But here, you are carrying the donkey. Is it a vow or some thing that you should carry the donkey. Confusing the Priest, the thief left. Now the priest had a doubt. Priest: (fearing) Not one, two but three of them said this. May be it is a ghost’s work. I do not need this thing whatever it may be. Let me escape from this place. Dropping the goat right there, he ran without even looking back. The thieves who were hiding and watching all these came and took the goat and felt happy on their TRICK’S SUCCESS. MORAL: Believe your own eyes than what you hear. "


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