The Lion And The Clever Hare

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 07:52
Year: 2015

"In a dense forest, lived a notorious Lion, who hunted all the animals which came in his sight. He hunted the animals not only for his meal but for fun too. So day by day the animal count in the forest began to drop. All the animals were worried. One day all the animals gathered under a big banyan tree for a meeting. Fox: Everyday we are losing many animals. You know it dragged my uncle yesterday. Bear: Hmm, last week, it seized my two kids who were playing outside my house... Giraffe: My wife too was…. My wife too was…. Snake: He tied my brother around it's waist and went away. Fox: If this continues like this, in due course none of us would be alive or exist in this forest. Monkey: We need to stop this. Giraffe: (Crying)…Brother please why don’t you suggest an idea to stop this. Fox: I am just thinking on it. All of them remained silent for some time. Fox: Listen to me carefully. Let’s take turn and send one each from a family. The Lion will eat, where it stays. As time passes he would forget to hunt and hence we can live without worrying, when we would be likely killed. Monkey: It sounds good; we should tell this plan to the Lion. Giraffe: Oh God! who would say this to him... Bear: Hey brother fox, you say this to him please!!! Fox: I need to do this too, ok I will do it but one thing, everyone should accompany me when I meet him. Next day all the animals went near the Lion’s cave. The Lion on seeing them together exclaimed. Lion: Ah Ha ! My good time, it looks as though time is by my side. Whom do I pick first? The fox slowly stepped forward and explained their plan. The rest were waiting eagerly to hear the Lion’s decision. Lion: Your plan sounds good. Ok I would not kill anybody, but for the one you send. One thing you should remember, my prey needs to be in my cave everyday morning by 10 ‘o’ clock. If not (roars)... From that day, every day one animal went into the Lion’s cave. Lion: Aha! what a lovely and luxurious life. Months rolled on…… it was the turn of a Hare. The Hare woke up in the morning. Hare: What do I do now? Today it’s my turn. For my folk’s sake I need to be the Lion’s prey today. But still the Hare, somehow wanted to escape from the lion’s hand. Thinking deep the Rabbit moved towards the cave’s direction. After crossing some distance, Hare: I feel thirsty, I want Water? Where do I get from? He looked around in search of water and found a well in a little distance. The Hare came close to the well and peeped inside. Hare: Ah I have got an idea! Now I can play the trick and will handle the Lion. At the same time the lion was waiting for his meal. Lion: These animals? What guts they have? My prey has not arrived so…. Hare: Please Please help Please help some body help Lion: Who Who ..Who is chasing you? Hare: We five of us were sent as your prey but while coming.... Hare: All of a sudden, a lion jumped from a ditch and started to chase us. Four of them feel prey and I just escaped. Lion: What ? Another Lion challenging me in this forest. I will just finish him right now. Come with me, show me where is he? The Hare took him to the well. Hare: He is there, down there. The Lion peeped in to see. He saw his own shadow. The lion thought it to be another lion. Lion: Who are you? Echo: Who are you? Lion: How dare he talks back to me (himself) Come out if you have guts. Echo: Come out if you have guts. Lion: Its high time I finish him off Roaring he jumped into the well. Not knowing how to swim, the lion drowned. On hearing the lion’s death, all the animals celebrated the occasion. MORAL: Intelligence is superior to physical strength. 


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