The Hare-Patridge and Cat

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:48
Year: 2015

"There lived a Partridge who lived in hollow of a tree trunk near a pond, who was happy feeding on fishes. It was a good and safe place. Once, the pond dried during a summer so the partridge was left without enough food and began to starve. Bird: I need to leave this place in search of food. The bird who left the place in search of food did not return for a long time and slowly the pond and that whole place looked deserted. Few months passed. It rained and the placed returned to its glory with greenery. Then a gypsy rabbit happened to pass by the tree. Rabbit: Wow what a nice place. It would be a great place for home. Let’s see if I can find a place. Hmmm. Ah.. here I can see a place. Wow! I am lucky. The rabbit started his new life in the hollow. The bird which left the place, returned to the pond after a long gap. Bird: What, is it my house. How so beautiful….. Just then the bird saw the hare in its house. Bird: Hey who’s that in my house? Rabbit: Who are you? This is my house. Bird: What? is it yours!!! Rabbit: Yeah.. Bird: No, I was the one staying here first They both started fighting. Rabbit: Ok, Let’s go and ask someone, and then come to a decision. A cunning cat from a tree was watching them without their knowledge. He immediately disguised him as a sage and started meditating. Both walked for a while. Bird: The cat looks like a good guy, we will approach him and let’s seek justice from him. Both went near the cat. Rabbit: Good day to you. Hearing the noise, the cat woke up. Cat: Wow... God has sent me delicious food today. Rabbit: Good day to you! Please listen to our problem and we request you to sort it out and give a good judgment. Cat: Oh God! I am little deaf and cannot listen properly please do come near and tell me your problem. Listening to this both hesitated little. Cat: Do not hesitate. I have foregone everything in my life and living like a sage and a sage can never harm anyone. I do my best to sort out your problem. Please come near me my children. Both moved a little nearer. Cat: Oh God! Please come little closer my Children. When both came little closer, the Cat pounced on them and killed them both. Cat: Wow! Today I am going to have a very delicious lunch. MORAL: When two people fight, the third mediator has the advantage. "


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