The Foolish Friend

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:22
Year: 2015

"There lived a king who had a monkey as his pet. He loved him very much. The king gave him all freedom and treated him as his good friend. The monkey used to be with the King wherever he was. One day, the king was taking a walk in the royal garden. As usual the monkey was walking with him. Suddenly the monkey started to jump here and there. King: What? What happened? Today his action doesn’t look normal. Hey what’s the matter? King: What happened to you today? Why are you doing this? There should be a reason for this weird kind of an act. hmm... The King looked around and was shocked. King: AH… snake. The monkey leaped across and killed the snake. King: I am alive because of you. Thank you so much. Next day the king narrated the whole story in the court. King: Since he has saved my life he is been appointed as my chief guard. Minister: Oh king! A monkey is a monkey. He cannot think and act. You may kindly think it over and decide. King: He has saved me once and I believe that he will save me in the future too. Since no one could question the king everyone of them remained silent. One day... King: Hey my dear. I am going to teach you. Say A for apple, B for boy, C for cat, D for dog…. good boy. Ok I am going for some rest. Make sure no one disturbs me. If some one or something disturbs me just say shooo.shooo and get rid of them. Got it. King: Wow intelligent. The king was asleep. A little while later a fly came near by. At once the monkey said shoo.. shoo. The fly flew away. After some time the fly sat on the king’s hand. Again the monkey said shoo shoo and got rid of the fly. The fly came back and this time it sat on the king’s neck. Looking at this the monkey got wild and drew the sword to kill the fly. Poor king. The fly escaped from the blow but the king…. MORAL: A king who cares for his life should not have a fool as his friend. "


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