The Elephants and the Rats

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:38
Year: 2015

"Hundreds of rats lived happily in a deserted house near a riverside. One day a group of elephants came to the river to drink water. As they came running they stamped many rats and the rats got killed under the feet of the elephants. King of Rats: What a horrible thing has happened. We have lost many of our relatives. Rat 1: It looks like these elephants are likely to come daily. Rat 2: Oh no? if this happens daily that’s it. King : Ohh! I will find out a way. Please do not worry. Next day the King of Rats slowly went to the king of the elephants Elephant: Dear King of Rats, what’s the matter? King: Oh elephant brother yesterday when you came with your group to the river, we lost many of our relatives. Please take the other route. Elephant: Ok from now on we shall take a different route. We will not trouble you anymore. King of Rats: Thank you From then onwards the elephants went to the river on a different route. Months passed by and one day the elephants got caught in the trap and only one elephant somehow escaped without getting caught in the rope. Elephant King: We are unable to cut the rope net, you please go and ask for their help. Only they can help us. Go fast. The elephant went and told the King, the fate of the elephants. King Rat: Everyone lets go. Our friends are in danger. Please join me we should help them. Soon the rats joined together and gnawed the rope with their teeth and rescued all the elephants. The elephants thanked the rats for their timely help. Elephant King: Thank you my dear friend. MORAL: Never under-estimate people by their appearance. "


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