Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 08:27
Year: 2015

"Once on the island of Java there was a little girl named Too-too-moo. She lived with her Mother in a one-room house in a forest. They were poor but they were happy. Too Too: Hi Mother...Good morning! Mother: Good Morning dear !...Get up and get ready. We need to go to the forest to collect… Too Too: Hmm... I know... to collect woods and herbs as usual. Mother: Yes darling. It was a habit for Too too moo to fasten her hair in a knot with her long hairpin as soon as she got up. Mother: Ha... you look beautiful. Come, let’s start out day’s work. Mother: Come too too. That’s enough for today. Let us go back. I have to prepare the breakfast before I go to the village market. Mother cooked a small pot of plain rice and shared it with Too-too-moo for breakfast. She also cooked a huge pot of sweet porridge. She made it from tasty rice flour, fragrant coconut milk, and lots of sugar. Mother: Dear, I needn’t tell you. This porridge is not for me neither for you. Too-moo: I know it is for the giant. If the giant did not find the pot full of porridge, he will eat me instead. Mother: That’s right dear. Now I have to hurry to the village market to sell these woods and the herbs. Too-too: Before you come I will finish off the chores at home. Bye mother. Mother: Bye bye. Too too moo washed the dishes and cleaned the floor. Too-too: Ah, I have finished my chores. Let me go and play. Soon she heard the giant’s terrible footsteps. Too-too: Oh he is here. I have to hide myself The giant neared the house and with his huge finger knocked on the door. Giant: “Too-too-moo! Where are you?” Too- too: In the house Giant: And where is your mother? Too-too: Gone to the market Giant: And ha... ha.... ha... “And where is my PORRIDGE?” Too-too: “In the pot!” This happened every day. When Too too moo’s mother returned in the evening, she brought food that she had bought with the money earned at the market. But since they had to feed the giant, there was never enough for themselves. One day... Too-too: Mother you looked worried why? Mother: Today, I did not sell as much as usual. I had money only to buy enough food for the giant and for our breakfast. I am sorry dear today we have to go hungry. Too-too: Do not worry mother. Everything will be alright tomorrow. The next day was the same. And so was the day after that. Too-too-moo and her Mother were starving. Too-too: Mother, do not worry. I don’t feel hungry. On the fourth morning, Too-too-moo got up, fastened her hair with her long hairpin, and helped Mother gather firewood and herbs. Then Mother cooked the porridge for the giant and left for the market. The sweet smell of the porridge filled the little house. Too-too: Nice aroma. I can’t stand any more. I’ll eat just one spoonful, the giant will never know.” Too-too-moo uncovered the pot and ate one spoonful. Too-too: Oh nice tasty porridge. But I am too hungry to stop! Before she knew what she was doing, a quarter of the porridge was gone. Too-too: Oh what have I done! I... I am hearing his foot steps. Too-too-moo quickly ran inside and locked the door. With one huge finger, he knocked on the door Giant: “Too-too-moo! Where are you? Too- too: In the house Giant: And where is your mother? Too-too: Gone to the market Giant: And ha...ha... ha... “And where is my PORRIDGE?” Too-too: “In the pot!” The giant took off the cover, picked up the pot, stopped, and looked. Giant: “This pot is not full” He threw it down and called again, Giant: “Too-too-moo! Where are you?” Too-too-moo did not answer. With one blow of his fist, the giant knocked down the door. He reached in his long arm and felt all around till he found Too-too-moo. Then he pulled her from the house, tossed her in his mouth, and swallowed her in one big gulp. Too-too-moo tumbled into the giant’s stomach. Too too: “Please let me out!” Please... Please let me out! Giant: I am not going to listen to you. Too-too-moo cried and shook with fear. Then all of a sudden, she remembered her long hairpin. Too too: Ah, this should work out. Quickly she pulled it from her hair. With both hands and all her strength, Too-too-moo stuck it into the giant. Giant: “Yow!” you tiny. Stop that! Too-too: I am not going to listen to you. Giant: “Ouch! Yow!” “Too-Too-Moo, Stop!” Stop. But Too-too-moo did not stop. She stuck the giant again and again. The bellowing giant raced through the woods. Mad with pain, he did not look where he was going. He tripped on a root and cracked his head on a rock. The giant was dead! But Too-too-moo was still trapped inside. At that moment, Mother was on her way home. Mother: It’s a lucky day, not only I have quickly sold all that I had carried to market but I bought rice and fish and vegetables, and even roasted peanuts as a special treat for my darling Too-too-moo. I will feed her to her heart’s content. Too-too, too-too… too….Oh my, porridge thrown down, doors are open... Mother: Too too moo, Too too... where are you? There was no answer. Mother dropped the things she had bought and ran along the trail of the giant’s footsteps, calling... Mother: “Too-too-moo! Where are you?” Please answer me. Mother: The giant is dead, but my daughter is nowhere to be seen. “Too-Too-Moo! Where are you?” Too-too: “In the giant!” Mother: Ohh God...please help me. And out climbed—Too-too-moo! Too-too moo: Mother, Oh mother. From that time on, Too-too-moo and her Mother were happy. There was no more giant to bother them. They always had enough to eat. And they had sweet porridge for breakfast, every single day. "


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