Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 06:16
Year: 2015

"Once upon a time, there lived a young boatman by the name of Truong Chi.He was a very kind man but very poor. He led a lonely life and spent his time fishing and playing the flute. All who heard his music fell in love with it. There lived a great mandarin and his daughter Mi Wong (Mee wong) in a palace by the Red river. Like other young ladies of her position, Mi Wong was kept indoor, most of her time in her room at the top of a tower. There she would sit on a bench near the window reading, chatting with her maid, and often gazing out at the garden and the river. One day as she sat there, the flute music floated to her from the distance. She looked out and saw a boat coming up the river. Mi Wong: Do you hear it? I adore his music. Every evening, she waited for his boat to pass by her window. When she heard the sweet notes of his flute, her face sparkled with happiness! Mi Wong: “I have become a great fan. But hadn’t an opportunity to see him. Father came to know about this and called the maid. Father: I am unhappy about my daughter’s love for this poor boatman’s music. I order you to lock all the windows. Truong Chi’s music could no longer be heard and the lovely girl grew sadder and sadder. Father: Why are you taking back the food? Maid: She is refusing to eat. She is very ill. Father: Did you call the doctors to look at her and treat her. Maid: Yes, but no one can diagnose the reason for her illness. Her father feared she might die. Father: My dear daughter, tell me what should I do to make you better. I promise to give you anything you want. Mi Wong: Just the boatman’s sweet music. Father: Do not worry... I will bring him here. Father turned to the maid. Father: Quickly, come back with the man. Truong chi arrived. His Kind heart ached when he saw the young girl so close to death. Truong Chi: I cannot understand why they’d brought me here. What could they want? I had not hurt any one, done nothing wrong! What might be the reason? Father: You are here to play the music. Truong chi: Oh as you say my master! Truong Chi softly played his flute. The music slowly made Mi Wong smile. Father: Now I know she will be better. Maid: Yes master. Mi Wong slowly opened her eyes and looked into Truong Chi’s face. She started to cry. Tears of disappointment streamed down her cheeks. Mi Wong: Oh, how? how could such an ugly man play such beautiful music? Father: Oh why is she crying again? Truong Chi: (to himself) I know why she is crying. Truong Chi: Master there is nothing I can do. Let me take your permission to leave. Father: Listen, listen… Truong Chi without turning back returned to his boat and his lonely life. Truong Chi: I long to see the Mandarin’s daughter but it is impossible. I am losing interest in everything. Even my flute seems to be boring. Then one cold night, he fell ill. He grew weaker everyday and he knew he was dying. Truong Chi: I wish my heart be made into a cup for the Mandarin’s daughter. Truong Chi died. Next day his heart which became a crystal flowed in the river towards the Mandarin’s palace. Father: What is that, which is shining like a crystal? The maid brought the crystal and gave it to the Mandarin. Father: I will make a cup from this crystal and give it to my daughter. So, a beautiful cup was made from the crystal. Father: My dear! A gift for my lovely daughter Mu Wong: A gift. Oh thank you. Wow a beautiful cup! I like it very much. The same night Mi Wong: Can you fill the cup with tea before you leave. The maid filled the cup with tea and left Mi Wong alone. Mi Wong sat by the window and was about to sip from the cup. Mi Wong: The music, flute music where is it from? When she looked at the cup she was taken aback. Her heart suddenly froze! There in the cup she saw Truong Chi face and heard his flute! Mi Wong: Boat’s man face. Oh my god. What have I done? I have broken his heart. I was so cruel! I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t know. . . . I’m sorry. So very, very sorry!” Her eyes filled with tears. She let the cup slip from her grasp. It shattered into pieces and the music abruptly stopped. Truong Chi’s heart and his music were free forever. Mi Wong: Good bye... Good bye. Mi Wong remained unmarried for the rest of her life as he was haunted by the boatman’s tender love for her and his beautiful gentle music. "


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