Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 05:37
Year: 2015

"Once upon a time there lived a stonecutter, who went every day to a great rock in the side of a big mountain and cut out slabs for gravestones or for houses. Man I: He understands very well the kinds of stones wanted for the different purposes. Man II: I heard so; he is a careful workman so, naturally has got plenty of customers. Now in the mountain dwelt a spirit which now and helped them in many ways, to become rich and prosperous. Man I: Do you know! Yesterday the mountain spirit helped me. Man II: Oh really, Stonecutter: Oh Mountain spirit !... I don’t believe it. But a time came when he learned to change his opinion. One day the stonecutter carried a slab to the house of a rich man. Stonecutter: Wow all sorts of beautiful things are here, which I had never dreamt of. Stonecutter: ""Oh, if only I were a rich man, I could sleep in a bed with silken curtains and golden tassels, how happy I would be!"" Spirit: ""Your wish is heard; a rich man you shall be!"" Stonecutter: Who... Who is that? I see no one here. Stonecutter: Hope I fancied. I do not feel working any more for the day. When the stonecutter reached the little house where he lived, he stood still with amazement... Stonecutter: I cannot believe my eyes. Where is my hut? Oh here there is a splendid bed, similar to the one which I saw in the rich man’s place. The stonecutter who enjoyed the royal life forgot about his old one. It was now the beginning of summer. Stonecutter: Ho !... today the heat is too much and I could scarcely breathe. I prefer to stay inside rather than being out. The stonecutter was looking through the window to see what was going on in the street. Stonecutter: ""Oh, if I were only a prince!""And could go in such a carriage and have a golden umbrella held over me, how happy I should be!"" Mountain spirit: Your wish is heard; the Prince you shall be. And a prince he was. Stonecutter: Ho what a royal life! But it is not enough. He looked around still for something to wish for, and when he saw that in spite of the umbrella held over his head each day his face grew browner and browner. Stonecutter: Ah, terrible: ""The sun is mightier than I; Oh, if I were only the Sun!"" Mountain spirit: ""Your wish is heard; the Sun you shall be."" And the Sun he was, and felt himself proud in his power. Stonecutter: Ah what a sight to see, everyone is suffering. But in a short time he began to grow tired of his might, for there seemed nothing left for him to do. Stonecutter: Boring, boring what shall I do now? Discontent once more filled his soul, and when a cloud covered his face, and hid the earth from him, Stonecutter: ""Does the Cloud hold captive my rays, and is it mightier than I? Stonecutter: Oh, I wish to be a Cloud, as it is mightier than the Sun. Mountain spirit: ""Your wish is heard; a Cloud you shall be!"" And a Cloud he was, and lay between the Sun and the Earth. He caught the Sun's beams and held them, and to his joy the Earth grew green again and flowers blossomed. Stonecutter: Ah now the Earth looks beautiful. But that was not enough for him, and for days and week he poured forth rain till the rivers overflowed their banks. Stonecutter: I am amazed at the sight; the whole place is destroyed except the rock. So, ""is the rock, then, mightier than I? Oh, I wish to be the rock!"" Mountain spirit: ""Your wish is heard; the rock you shall be!"" And the rock he was, and gloried in his power. Proudly he stood, and neither the heat of the sun nor the force of the rain could move him. Stonecutter: ""This is better than all!"" But one day he heard a strange noise at his feet, Stonecutter: What noise is that? Let me look down. Ho... A stonecutter! What is he going to do with his tools? Stonecutter: ""Is a mere child of earth mightier than a rock? Oh, I wish to be a man!"" Mountain spirit: ""Your wish is heard. A man once more you shall be!"" And a man he was, and in the sweat of his brow he toiled again at his trade of stone cutting. Stonecutter: My bed is hard and food very little, but I have learned to be satisfied with it, and I do not want to be something or somebody else. "


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