Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 10:21
Year: 2015

"Once there was big forest in India. There lived all kinds of animals. Among them there lived a tiger. Tiger: Ah what happened today! I don’t find any food. I have wandered throughout the jungle but could not find any prey. The hungry tiger slowly walked. Tiger: what is that in the distance? Looks likes a deer. Ah it has been trapped in the old cage. Hmm if somehow I get into the cage I will have a feast. Ha…Ha… Somehow the tiger managed to get into the cage, killed the deer and had a good meal He was taken aback when he was about to leave. He pushed it hard, trying to open it. Tiger: I am trapped. This cage is too strong for me. My life is in danger. At that moment he saw a man walking through the forest. Tiger: Good, I need to plan; he seems to be coming in my direction. Somehow I have to use him to escape from this cage. Hmmm (thinking)... Yes, hope my plan works out. He sat up, closed his eyes, and pretended to be saying his prayers. Along came the man. When he saw the Tiger he felt frightened. Man: Oh my god, Tiger ! What am I… hoof; thank God it is in the cage. He stood and watched the Tiger. Few minutes passed. Tiger slowly opened his eyes. The man was about to run away. Tiger: Do not run away, oh holy man. I have a message for you from God. Man: A message from God, for me? Well, it may be true. I have been praying for the last forty years. Perhaps God has heard me at last. Man: What is the message, please? Tiger: I have just had a vision of God. God said to me that a holy man will be coming to you. Please give him this message. And then God gave me a message for you. Man: Then let me hear the message. Tiger: This is strictly a secret. I have to whisper it in your ear. Just open the door for a moment and let me out. The man began to tremble. Man: No, no I cannot. You are a Tiger, you might kill me. Tiger: Then don’t open the door. You will have no message. Just go away and leave me to my prayers. The Tiger again closed his eyes. Man: Don’t be angry. I was only talking of what I feared. But if God wants me to do something I shall gladly do it. Tiger: Then don’t waste your time and mine. Open the door quickly. The man opened the door of the cage and the tiger walked out. Tiger: God is pleased with you and God is pleased with me as well. Man: Tell me the message. Tiger: Give my devotee, the Tiger some food to eat- is the message. Man: Food, for you? I have had no food myself for two days, and my family is starving. Tiger: But God knows that you have food to give me. Man: Where? How? Tiger: You body is Tiger’s food, isn’t it? Give it to me quickly or I shall have to take it myself. That is what God told me to do. Man: You want to kill me? Please don’t. Take pity on me. I have six children. They are starving. If I die they will all die too? Please let me go. I shall pray that you live long. Tiger: Oh no, you can’t leave me like this. Man: Don’t kill me, I shall go the next village and bring you all the food you want. I promise. Tiger: Grr… I believe you, but I cannot wait. Man must die. Cunning creatures! Man: Mercy, mercy I helped you out of the cage. This is what you are going to return for the help. Tiger: Hmmm... this point needs to be considered. Ok I shall give you a fair chance. We shall go together to three judges. If any one of them supports your case, I shall reconsider the matter. Man: I agree. They started out in search of three judges. They first met an old donkey and presented their case to him. The donkey listened and then gave his judgement. Donkey: Look at me; I have been abandoned in this forest by a man. I slaved for him all my life. Instead he treated me unkindly. Still I served him. I am too old to work now, I cannot even stand. I am of no use to him any more, so I am here. Man is cruel and he must die. Tiger: Thank you, oh man did you listen to what he said. No problem. Still you have two more chances. Let go and meet the second judge. They walked by the river. There they met a large crocodile. The man explained the case and pleaded for mercy. Crocodile: I do not want to hear any more. I know very well how these men behave. Do you know what happened to my wife? A man shot her, so that he could take her skin and make a bag for his wife. No animal is safe as long as man lives. Tiger: Now shall we go and look out for the third judge. Shall we? The man trembled and walked behind the Tiger. Tiger: Ah there sits our third judge - a Fox. Fox: What a wonder? A man and a Tiger... They both neared the fox. Tiger: Oh dear fox we are here to solve a matter. Will you give your judgement? Fox: A case! Interesting... Ok I will. What’s your case? First let me hear it from you Tiger. Tiger narrated his side. Fox: Oh I see, now it’s your turn Mr. Man. The man narrated his side. Fox: I am puzzled. I don’t understand your case. Can you repeat it again? They narrated again. Fox: Oh, I am more and more confused. So the man was in the cage when the tiger came. Is that right? Tiger: No, no no. I was in the cage, not the man. Fox: Ah, yes now I understand. The man was praying, wasn’t he? Then you saw him. Tiger: Absolutely wrong, I was praying inside the cage. Fox: You were inside the cage, then how ever did you come here? Tiger: Damn it, you fool, you don’t seem to understand anything. Two judges have understood what we said. They gave their sensible judgments. Why can’t you? Fox: Uhhh... it’s difficult to understand how things were, unless I see for myself. Let us all go to the place where it happened. Tiger: My God... come then, lets go. All the three walked back. Man: This is the place where the incident happened. Fox: Oh ! Now let me see, Mr. Man you get into the cage as you were and let the Tiger do his praying here. Tiger: Ahhh… You are an ….. I was in the cage, praying and he was coming. Fox: How can that be? Tiger: I shall show you. The Tiger went into the cage. Fox: Now, Mr. Man you close the door of the cage and lock it. Then you can show me how you opened it. The man did as per the fox’s word. Fox: Yes... now you can start your prayer. Man: Now do you want to see how I opened the lock? Fox: You fool; really you are the biggest fool I have ever seen! Go quickly; go on your way as if nothing has happened. Man: Thank you, thank you Mr. Fox. May you live long? The man saying so left the place. Fox: Good bye dear Tiger, now you had better continue your prayers. "


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