Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:57
Year: 2015

"Long long ago, in the garden of the Emperor Wu’s splendid palace in China, there lived a nightingale. Minister: Ho ho ho… what a lovely song. This nightingale steals everyone’s heart with its song. The nightingale sang so sweetly that all who heard the song agreed that what they like most in the garden was the nightingale’s singing. One day, Minister: Emperor, just now we received a message that Emperor of Japan will be visiting us. Emperor: Arrange for a grand welcome. Emperor of Japan visited the palace. He passed through the garden. Emperor of Japan: Ho lovely music. Stop. Let me listen to the music. Never I have heard such a melodious song. Ok. Let’s go. The emperor of Japan stayed for few days in the palace and returned to his country. Months rolled, Minister: Emperor, there is a letter for you. Emperor Wu: From whom? Minister: Emperor of Japan. Emperor: Let me hear the contents of the letter. Minister: he says that his favourite memory of his visit to China is the nightingale’s singing. Emperor: What! Nightingale’s song, surprising, but I had never heard it. Minister, I order you to bring the wonderful bird to me. Next day. Emperor: So this is the bird which makes everyone happy with its song. The Emperor enjoyed its singing so much. Emperor: From now on, I order that this bird should be kept near me. Many months passed and the nightingale kept Emperor Wu very happy until one day, the Emperor of Japan sent him a little toy bird which could sing and dance. Minister: This is a gift from the emperor of Japan. Emperor Wu: Send him a thank you message along with gifts from us. Minister: Yes my lord. Emperor Wu became so fascinated that he completely forgot about the nightingale. The poor nightingale felt so sad and unwanted that it flew away from the palace and for a long time no one saw it and no one heard its lovely songs. Emperor: What happened! This bird is not singing. Minister, check what happened with this toy. It is not singing and dancing. Minister: I will take care of it my Lord. Few days passed. Emperor: Minister, what happened to the toy? Is it alright now? Minister: Emperor, toymakers from all over the world tried to mend it but in vain. The bird is still and silent. The Emperor longed for music again in his palace. Emperor: (To himself) I have done a mistake. I ignored the real one. Now I realize nothing can replace the real one. Emperor: Minister, will you ask our men to bring back the nightingale. Few days passed, minister met the Emperor. Minister: My lord, we have searched far and wide but could not find it anywhere. Emperor: I am unable to bear this pain. I miss the bird very badly. With each day the Emperor grew weak without eating and sleeping properly. Minister: Emperor, you are very weak. Please eat these fruits. Emperor: Do not disturb me, leave me alone. Then one night, Emperor: I... I am hearing the song, the same song. I am sure it is the nightingale. He slowly sat up in bed and tears started to roll down his cheeks, for there on the window sat his beloved nightingale. Emperor: There it has come back to me. Oh dear, please forgive me for ignoring you. Stay with me dear nightingale and I promise I will never neglect you again. From that day on, the nightingale stayed in the palace and its sweet singing made the Emperor well again and kept him happy. Minister: Thank you nightingale for bringing back joy in our Emperor’s life. "


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