Ship Wrecking

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:35
Year: 2015

"On a vast calm ocean there was a ship, which had a captain by name William Prichard. The crew had a doctor by name Lemuel Gulliver. Lemuel Gulliver was an adventure lover. Their journey started on May 4, 1699 from Bristol, England. Their journey remained peaceful for some time. Gulliver: I love this journey. Adventure hmm. I love Adventure. But just as the ship had crossed the South Seas, a terrible thunderstorm started raging. Gulliver: Oh my god, storm, hope our ship can withstand this storm. The crew is fighting hard against the storm. The crew of the ship kept on battling against the storm for a long time. But soon many of them died and the left out grew very weak. Gulliver: Come lets escape in this lifeboat. Gulliver along with 4 other crewmen somehow launched the lifeboat and rowed clear of the sinking ship. All of them were tired. But kept on rowing for as long as they could. They were very tired so they allowed the boat to be carried by the waves. Suddenly a mighty wind overturned the boat in an instant and was engulfed by the sea. All the four sailors who were with Gulliver were drowned within minutes. Gulliver who was tossing up and down took hold of a piece of wood, which kept him afloat. He swam hardly in the storm. Slowly he grew tired. Gulliver: god I cannot swim any more. I don’t see any hope of my staying alive either. The tired Gulliver lost all his hope and his head slipped under the water’s surface. Just then, his feet touched the ground and he bounced up to the surface again. Gulliver could not believe his eyes. Gulliver: How lucky I am. I can see the land. Oh god thanks for the mercy. Gulliver with all his strength reached the land. But for him it took two hours to swim a distance of a mile. Gulliver (very tired) I… I am really lucky. Thank god… It was around 8 in the evening. Gulliver crawled out from the sea and fell down with exhaustion. Gulliver: I…I am really lucky. Thank God… "


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