Saudagar Returns

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Saudagar Returns is a film that attempts to draw attention to the plight of hapless young girls who fall victim to the barbaric Jogini tradition. The girls, who are married away to the village deity as an offering for the greater well being of the village, are sexually exploited by the landlords and the moneyed class. Jogini-turned-social activist Kolipaka Shyamala plays Shyamala, a jogini in a remote village. She is forced into becoming one by the cruel zamindar, Patela (Ashish Vidyarthi). Siva Rama Kirshna (Suman) plays a college professor who is writing a book on the archaic tradition. He lands at Patela's residence seeking his cooperation in helping him write about the joginis. Patela's son Raghav (Akshay) happens to be a student of Siva, so he gets VIP treatment in the village. Patela is desperate to find a young woman for sacrifice as the village hasn't had a new jogini in over a decade. He sets his sights on Aruna (Saideepthi) who happens to be the daughter of another jogini. But as luck would have it, his city-educated son Raghav falls in love with the girl. An enraged Patela decides to offer her as the sacrifice despite opposition from Shyamala who mobilizes the others of her kind to rebel against the practice. The film takes a few twists before coming to the expected end. There isn't much to write about the film technically. The comedy track between the old company of Kota Srinivasa Rao and Babu Mohan evokes a few chuckles. The film also has Suman playing a full-fledged lead role in a long time. It's not his best performance, but does the needful and lends the film some star appeal. Shyamala just plays herself in the film and is convincing enough. The background score is very loud and the editing patchy.


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