Price Of Freedom

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:27
Year: 2015

"Gulliver behaved nicely to the Lilliputians, as he wants to win their confidence. Gulliver: I have to get released. The only way for my freedom is to remain gentle and kind with the people and the Emperor will be impressed with my behavious and set me free as a reward. Gulliver allowed the Lilliputians children to play hide and seek in his hair. The Lilliputians took a special liking to dance on his hand. Gulliver: My good behaviour started yielding result. They are no more scared of me. I believe they are much impressed with my gentleness. As Gulliver entertained Lilliputians they too in turn entertained with their dance and acrobatic shows. Gulliver: Everything is going on fine except my release. Let me once again put my request before the emperor to release me. In the mean time in the royal court debate was going on Courtier: No no he will be no threat to us. We can release him. Minister 1: I too think he can be released. But there was one minister who disliked the giant man. Minister B : No I strongly oppose. We should not release him. Long debate went on for some time. Finally Minister B: Ok we can release him but under certain conditions. Minister B: Give me a day’s time. I will come prepared. Next day everyone including minister gathered before Gulliver’s home. Gulliver: Ho! Welcome everyone. Courtier: We are here to release you. Gulliver: Release me. Good news! Thank you everyone. Minister B: But you have to accept certain conditions. Gulliver: Conditions what conditions? Minister B: First condition. The Emperor proposes that the Giant man will not try to leave the kingdom of Lilliput without the permission of His Majesty, the emperor. Minister B: Two. The giant man will not enter our capital without the prior permission of His Majesty. Also he has to give us two hours notice before entering our capital so that our people can stay in the safety of their homes. Three. The giant man shall walk only on the main streets and shall not, in any condition, lie down in any of our fields and farms. Four. While walking, the giant man shall be extremely careful not to step on Lilliputians, their horses and carriages. Five. He will always remain ready to serve the purpose of His majesty. He has to carry the emperor’s messengers and horses on urgent journeys to distant lands and so to return them safely. Six. He has to help us during the war and destroy the fleet of our enemy, the kingdom of Blefuscu. Gulliver: (to himself) I have no other option but to agree too all these conditions. I am very tired of being tied with iron chains. Minister B: Last Condition. The giant man must also agree to lift heavy stones to help our workers build walls. He must also measure the circumference of Lilliput by walking around the entire coast. Gulliver: I agree to all these conditions and promise to follow them at all times. Minister B: Then take an oath according to the laws of Lilliput. Gulliver took an oath. Minister B: Ok now you will be freed. I order that his chain to be unlocked. Finally Gulliver was released. Gulliver: I am free. "


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