Palace Light

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 12:43
Year: 2015

"Once, Akbar and Birbal were taking a stroll. It was winter season. Winter was at its peak at that time of season. They were walking by a lake side. It was a mile away from the palace. Akbar: Birbal nice climate. Let’s spend some time here. Birbal: As you say my Lord. Akbar suddenly felt like dipping his finger in the water and he dipped his finger in water. He immediately drew his hand back. Akbar: Hoo.. Water is too cold. Ice cold Birbal. A thought came to Akbar’s mind. Akbar: Birbal can anyone stand in this cold water for a whole night. Birbal: Why not? Akbar: No no no... It’s not possible. Birbal: No it’s possible my lord. A man can do anything for money. Akbar: ""I don't think so"". You think somebody can stand in this almost freezing water for the whole night for money? Birbal: Certainly. Akbar: Ok then. I will pay 1000 gold coins for the person who stands in this river for a whole night. But you have to prove it. Birbal: Give me a day’s time, I will prove it. Akbar: Oh really, Ok... a day’s time is granted. They both departed. The next day Birbal sent for a man who was very poor and thin. Poor man: Sir, why did you call me? Birbal: I have a job for you. If you do it tomorrow morning you will be one among the rich person. Poor man: What job is that sir? Birbal: All you have to do is stand in the lake water for a whole night. You will be rewarded 1000 gold coins. Poor man: 1000 gold coins !!!... I can live with my family very happily. Ok sir, I will stand in the water. Birbal: Think twice before you accept. Poor man : No second thought sir. If standing in water makes me a rich person then why not. I am ready Birbal: Ok then come with me. Both Birbal and the poor man went to the palace. Birbal: Emperor. He is the man who is going to stand in the lake. Akbar: Good. I will send two guards to watch him. So the poor man was sent along with the guards. They reached the lake. Poor man: Oh god, please help me. The poor man stood in the neck deep water. Hours passed. Slowly the sky became orange. The poor man felt relieved. Poor man: Guards, take me to the emperor. The guards took the poor man back to the palace. Akbar was surprised to see the poor man coming towards him. Poor man: Good morning my lord! Akbar: Good morning. Guards... has he stood in the water whole night? Guard 1: Yes me lord, he stood there the whole night. A jealous minister who was watching all this through. Minister: Let me take this opportunity to put Birbal in trouble. Minister: Oh poor man. Can you tell us how you stood in that cold water? Poor man: Sir, I was able to see the lamp from the palace window. Looking at that lamp I stood in the water. Minister: So the warmth of the lamp from the palace made you comfortable. You have not fulfilled the condition. So, you are not eligible for the reward. Poor man: But... Emperor ! The poor man saw the Emperor but he did not utter a single word. Not knowing what to do the disappointed poor man left the palace with a heavy heart. Birbal who was coming to the palace met the poor man on the way. Birbal: Oh rich man where is your reward? Poor man: It’s with the Emperor. Birbal: What had happened? The poor man narrated the whole story and went away. Birbal: Oh poor soul. Do not worry. I will see to that you get your rewards. Birbal entered the court. Minister: Welcome Oh Birbal. The man who stood in the water is not eligible to get the reward. Birbal: Thats ok. It’s his fate. But can I know the reason ? The minister repeated the poor man's statement. Birbal started his day’s work. While leaving in the evening... Birbal: Emperor. Its a long time we had dinner together. I have arranged a special dinner tomorrow. Please join me. Akbar: Oh sure Birbal, I will. Similarly Birbal invited the minister too. Minister: Ohh, by all means. The next day both Akbar and the minister went to Birbal’s palace. Birbal: Oh welcome the great emperor...Welcome minister. All the three chatted for some time. Slowly Akbar felt hungry. Akbar: Birbal shall we have our dinner. Birbal: Yes my lord. I will check whether the dinner is ready. Birbal went inside and returned back after a few minutes. Birbal: Please wait for some time. Kichidi is getting ready. Minister: No problem. Meanwhile we can discuss about city affairs. Hours passed... Akbar: Birbal why do you keep us waiting. Is khichidi still not cooked? Birbal: I will check. This time too Birbal returned saying... Birbal: Its half cooked now. Wait for some more time. Now Akbar got impatient, Akbar: Let me check by myself. Birbal took Akbar and the minister to the backyard where the Kichidi is prepared. Birbal: Emperor that is the pot in which the Kichidi is being cooked. Akbar was really astonished when he saw the pot on top of a branch. Akbar: What nonsense is this Birbal? How will the heat… Oh ! Even a small child will know that it is not possible to cook when the fire is 10 feet below the pot. Birbal: Why not my lord! When a person can receive warmth from a lamp burning a mile away, why not the pot receive the heat from a fire merely a few feet away. Akbar now realized his mistake. Akbar: Thank you Birbal. You have just opened my eyes. I see your point. I will pay the reward to the poor man the moment I reach the palace. Minister: At this odd hour my lord. Akbar: Please shall we go. Birbal: What about the dinner? Akbar: Making fun ah... Birbal: Please forgive me. Your dinner is ready. Come let’s go All the three enjoyed their dinner. Birbal: I will ask the poor man to collect his reward tomorrow. Akbar: Sure. Both the minister and Akbar took leave from Birbal. The next day The poor man went to the palace. Akbar: Take this reward. Poor man: Thank you oh great Emperor. Akbar immediately looked at Birbal and smiled. The poor man happily left the palace thanking Birbal too. "


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