Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 10:34
Year: 2015

"Long long ago there was a small kingdom which was ruled by a kind and wise king. The king had a son. His name was Prince Shakur. King: My son, we have a great problem. Shakur: Yes father. The number of snakes has considerable increased in the kingdom. King: It has become a menace. Our people are suffering a lot. Shakur: Do not worry. I will handle it myself and fight the snakes. The snakes were found everywhere. The next day he went out hunting and killed hundreds of snakes. Prince Shakur slowly preceded towards the forest. Shakur: I am really tired. Let me take some rest. He rested under a tree and fell asleep. Just then a great big snake, a five hooded snake, began to descent from the branches of the tree under which the prince was sleeping. Snake: Hiss… Hiss…. The hissing sound of the snake woke up the prince. Shakur drew his sword and was about to kill it when the snake opened its mouth. Prince looked at the snake eye to eye and there was a look of great pain in its eyes. He asked gently. Prince: O king of snakes, what do you want? Snake: Brother for seven long years, I've had a terrible headache. I haven't been able to attend to my duties as a king and I haven't been able to discipline my subjects. They are running amok and creating havoc wherever they go. Shakur: Can we do something about your headache? What's the cure? Snake: Yes there is a medicine. If you go seven miles from south of your kingdom, you'll come to a kingdom. The princess is an only daughter of the king there, and she is beautiful and delicate—she weighs only as much as seven blossoms of jasmine. She has never laughed, and when she does, three jasmine flowers will fall from her mouth. If you can bring the middle one of the three to me, and if I can smell its fragrance, my headache will vanish. Then, I promise you, I'll see to it that your kingdom will never more be troubled by my snakes. Prince: I will bring the flowers. Immediately he started his journey towards southern region. As he traveled on, he came across a lake. Prince: Let me quench my thirst. As he was about to drink the water his eyes fell on a whole nest of ants that had fallen into the water. Prince: What a pity. They are struggling for their life. Let me help them. He left the whole nest of ants in a dry place. The king of ants was very pleased and grateful. Ant King: Your help saved our lives. We’ll never forget you timely help. If you ever need us, think of us, and we’ll be there to help you. Prince: That’s great. See you bye. As he moved on he heard a fearful, strange cry in the forest. He walked towards the direction of the sound Prince: Ho... horrible. Prince saw a rakshasa lying in the middle of the road. Some time ago when the giant was sleeping with mouth wide open a crow dropped a tamarind seed which grew to a big tree. The Giant was not even able to move. Prince immediately cut down the tree and the giant was set free. Giant: Oh I do not know how to thank you. If you ever need help just think of me. The moment you think of me, I will appear before you. Prince: Thank you. I certainly will. The prince continued his journey. He soon reached the kingdom. He stood before the palace. Prince: Guards, tell your king that Prince Sahkur is here to marry his daughter. Guards who went inside came back saying he can go in. King: Prince no one so far has had the courage to make this long journey to our kingdom. You look like someone special. But, if you really wish to marry my daughter you have to undergo some tests. Prince: Tests, what kind of test. Tell me what they are. King: You have to succeed in two tasks to win the hand of my daughter. Prince: The first one is; King: We’ll pour and mix together 50 sacks of rice and 50 sacks of sugar and you must separate them by dawn. Prince: Show me the place. The Guards took him to the room. The large room was filled with a huge heap of rice and sugar. Guards closed the door leaving the prince inside. Prince: Ho... my God am I going to complete this task? As he was wondering he suddenly remembered the King of ants. The moment he thought about the King of ants a bustling sound heard. Prince: Oops ants here, there. Oh king…. King of ants: Do not speak. We know what we have to do. Friends get, set, go… They had begun to work and by morning they had separated the rice from the sugar and arranged them in two heaps. King of ants: Its time for us to leave. Friends lets go. The king came to inspect the work. King: Well done. You are the man I am looking for. Get ready for the next task. We will give you twenty cauldrons of rice. You have to finish it off by morning. Again guards took him to the room and locked the door. Prince: This time I should call the giant. The moment he uttered these words the giant appeared. Giant: Tell me what should I do? Prince: Will you please eat this rice. Giant: Ho.... this won’t fill my stomach but still I will eat it. He just ate the whole rice in just three mouthfuls. When the king came to see him in the morning he was amazed. King: That’s amazing... you did a terrific job. I will arrange for your marriage immediately. He arranged a festive wedding at once and gave his daughter in marriage to him. The prince and the princess were on their way to the kingdom. On the way they came across a man who was showing monkey – tricks. Princess: What is that? The Prince who was astonished... Prince: What? What are you wondering about? It is a monkey Princess: Monkey, monkey means? I haven’t heard about it. Prince: I don’t think you have any idea about the outside world. Since you have never left the four walls of your palace, you are very innocent. Come let’s go see it. When she saw the monkey doing acrobats she began to laugh and as she laughed, three jasmine flowers fell from her mouth. The prince immediately picked up the middle one and put it safely. Prince: Ok let’s go to our palace. Come... On their way back the Prince gave the jasmine to the serpent king. Serpant King: Thank you, thank you so much. The moment it smelled, it was relieved from the terrible pain. Serpant King: I am grateful to you. So please accept this gem. If you ever need me, look into this gem and think of me. I’ll help you to remove any hindrance. Thanking the serpant the prince left the place. By the time he came back, snakes no longer were seen. The king was happy to see his son with his bride and he arranged another festive wedding in the capital. "


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