Missile Chor Miss Magnato

Running Time:

Rahul narrates to his mother how Junior G rescued the children from the clutches of monster man 'Dream Killer Bobo'….Gaurav smiles while listening to Rahul….Chachi scolds him and tells him to clean the utensils & wash the dirty clothes….Linda introduces to Fyumancho the plan of stealing the defence Missiles of the country using the heavy metal attraction magnetic powers of the beautiful lady called 'Miss Magneto'….Gaurav saves Shaily from a road accident using his magical powers….. Fyumancho meets the buyers of the stolen missiles from all over the world who wish to use them for global terrorism….The government of the nation is worried…..all hopes are on Junior G….will Fyumancho succeed in his evil plans ?….will Junior G be able to save the world from destruction ?….find out in "Junior G - Missile Chor Miss Magneto".


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