Midas Touch

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 05:25
Year: 2015

"A man was living with his wife and daughter in a small village. The man always spends his time by sleeping and dreaming. He was a very lazy guy. As usual when he was sleeping in the afternoon he had a dream. It was about gold. Man: (in sleep) I am a very rich person, very rich. Gold . Everywhere gold and everything is gold. Suddenly he opens his eyes. Man: I am very... Oh no... it’s only a dream. But if the dream comes true I will be richest person on this earth. Will it happen? As he was thinking about it he had an idea. Man: Why not meditate? If I do penance, God will appear and then I will ask for a boon. Saying so, he sat under a tree and started his penance... Days passed... Seeing his determination a fairy appeared from the river. FAIRY: Son, ask for a boon. Man: Thank you mother, bless me that anything I touch should turn to beautiful yellow gold. FAIRY: Your wish shall be granted. At sunrise tomorrow morning your slightest touch will turn everything into gold. But I warn you that your gift will not make you happy. The fairy disappeared and the man walked home. He was very restless. Man: How long this evening will go on. I am waiting to see the first glimpse of the sun tomorrow. By tomorrow I will be very rich, probably richer than the richest person. My dream will come true. Next day the man woke up very early. He was eager to see if the fairy’s promise will come true. As soon as he saw the rays of the sun he touched the bed lightly with his hand. And low… the bed glittered. It had turned to gold. Man: Vow !... What a miracle? The wooden bed is now a golden bed. Let me touch everything. He went around the room and touched everything he could see. In few minutes the whole place glittered. Everything was in beautiful yellow gold. He touched the door and it turned into gold. MAN: What a lovely sight !!! His joy knew no bounds. Hours passed he felt hungry and went down to eat his breakfast. Now a strange thing happened. When he raised a glass of clear cold water to drink, it became solid gold. Not a drop of water could pass his lips. He touched the bread which turned into gold. He could not eat anything. All was gold, gold and gold. MAN: Ah how will I eat now? At the same moment his daughter who was dearest to him came running from the garden. When he saw her he happily hugged her forgetting his boon. At once the little girl was changed to a golden statue. The man was taken aback. Fear crept into his heart sweeping all the joy out of his life. MAN: Oh what a blunder I have made. Oh mother fairy mother fairy... where are you ? Please forgive me. Take everything back, I do not want this gift. All I now want is my daughter. Hearing his cry, the Fairy appeared. Fairy: Do you still think that gold is the greatest thing in the world? Man: No...No. I do not want even a pea size gold. Take way this gift! Fairy: Ok then take this jar and sprinkle the water. Everything will be back to normal. The man first sprinkled the water on his daughter. Instantly she came to life. Then he sprinkled on everything. Finally he sprinkled water on his breakfast plate. He felt happy as it all turned to real bread and butter. He sat down with his daughter and had the breakfast happily. Moral: Money is not the key to all happiness. "


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