Marriage Feast

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:08
Year: 2015

"Shamboo and Lamboo entered a big empty room. Lamboo: Shamboo lets prepare the lunch. Shamboo: Yes, hum im hoom… First the room was filled with different types of sweets. Lamboo: Sweets… Ohhh hooo hooo... it’s tempting. Shamboo: Hmmm. don’t touch. Now let’s get the rice variety. Shamboo: Hum im hoom… The room now was filled with variety of rice. Lamboo: Now side dishes. Snacks. Horrige, Appeal for many items. Shamboo: Hope this will satisfy the groom’s party. Priest: Ah.. Nice smell. Ho the Organizers are here. Hmm let me check the food first. Hey what is this? Shamboo: These are sweet varieties. Lamboo: These are rice varieties. Shamboo: These are dishes. Lamboo: These are orange dishes. Priest: Ho... you have missed an important item. Lamboo: Important item. Ah yes... Ohhhh what a fool we are. We forgot the meat items. Priest: Ho... Shiva Shiva. The royal members will never touch the food if you don’t serve the greens. Shamboo: Ho… I see. Priest: I will be back after some time. Before that, prepare the dishes. The moment priest left Shamboo added the green dishes. Shamboo: Hey Lamboo, come lets go. At the same time Ghatotkach who is in the disguise of Sasirekha passed by that side. Sasirekha: Aha nice aroma, its tempting. Licking his lip Ghatotkach entered the room. Gatotkach: Wow so many dishes. I will feast on it. Saying so Ghatotkach grew to his original size and started emptying each dish. Within an hour the room was upside down. Shamboo and Lamboo were enjoying the scene. The priest returned. Priest: Is the dish… Ah... Ah… rice, kheer, sweets everything has vanished. I cannot believe my eyes. Insult great insult. I will inform uncle Shakuni. The Priest ran out of the room in shock. Lamboo: Hum… in a now. Shamboo: Hshhh. hum im hoom The room again was filled with the dishes and appeared as before. Priest: Come in, come in and see for yourself. The dishes… Sakuni: Are you mad, what has happened to you. I asked you to fool the bride’s party and not me. If you carry these kinds of stories again…. Priest: (To himself) When I came here first I saw the dishes, second time everything was upside down, again now… ohh hoo confusion, confusion. The priest left the palace trying to figure out what could have happened. Shamboo: Appa, we have somehow managed. Come lets look into other matters. "


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