Marriage Celebrations

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:30
Year: 2015

"Ghatotkach who entered Dwaraka disguised himself as Sasirekha and entered the palace. Next morning, a maid entered Sasirekha’s palace. Maid: Get up, and be ready. (Ghatotkach's voice) Sasirekha: What for?... hmmm. Maid: Your in laws are coming. Sasirekha: Oh In laws. Then I should get ready. Maid was puzzled to see the change in Sasirekha. The moment Sasirekha stepped down the stool broke down. Sasirekha: Sorry! I should have stepped down softly. Her behaviour confused the maid. Sasirekha: Ok. Come lets go. I am ready. Same moment Shamboo and Lambhoo started to carry out their masters orders. Shamboo: Hey Lambhoo, this is place where we have to create the palace. Lamboo: Yes big palace. Shamboo: Hum im hoom… The moment he uttered these magic words a beautiful palace appeared before them. Lamboo: Hey Shamboo, the patios are empty. Shamboo: You are right. Let me fill it. Lamboo: Fill this place with different crowns. Shamboo: Hum im kum …sorry hoom The patio was filled with crowns. Shamboo: Let us fill this patio with vessels. Hum im hoom. Again the patio was fill with vessels. Similarly all the patios were filled with different props. Shamboo: Aha look at this place now. It’s beautifully decorated. Lamboo: Come lets go in and decorate the interior. Shamboo with his magical powers decorated the entire palace for the wedding procession. Dhuryodhana along with his brothers, uncle Sakuni and Lakshmana arrived. A priest accompanied them. They were given a grand welcome. Priest: Aha aha what a lovely palace. What a grand welcome! Shakuni: Stop your boasting. You are not supposed to praise them. We need to find faults in their wedding arrangements. We shouldn’t be carried away. Do you understand what I mean? Priest: I got your point. From now on I will take care of that. Who is in charge here? Shamboo: We are… Lamboo: We are… Priest: What arrangements have you made? We are not impressed. Shamboo: Forgive us. How do we know you expectations? If you list it we will fulfill. Priest: Follow me. As and when I feel I will give you the orders. Shamboo: Ok. Lamboo: Ok. Priest: What carpet is this? I want Persian carpets. Shamboo: Done. Lamboo: Done So the priest went on giving a big list. Shamboo: Take it for granted. Everything will be done by evening. Priest: By evening! Let me see that. Saying so the priest left the place. Shamboo: hey Lamboo come lets go. We need to prepare the lunch. "


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