Genre: Bollywood Movie: Action-Drama
Starcast: Srikanth, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Gopika, Vivek
Director: K. V. Anand
Music: Vidyasagar
Running Time:
Year: 2005

The film opens with a wedding that Bhaskar, (Srikanth) attends. His friend Archana is the bride who discovers that the man she is going to marry is a man of loose morals. Archana (Gopika) refuses to marry him and in order to escape being forced into the marriage by her older brother, she runs away with Bhaskar to Chennai. Friends since their childhood days, the couple begins to live in a small house owned by Shiva(Vivek) in Chennai. Meanwhile, Bhaskar , a research scholar in Chemistry, succeeds in coming out with a prototype of a desalination plant which he wants to give to the government and solve the water crisis in Chennai. He eventually gets discouraged by the government authorities and even the State Minister. He then decides to prove everyone wrong and plans to set up his own desalination plant based on the methods of his research. Along with Archana he runs from pillar to post for loan. In between, the couple falls in love and ties the knot. Enter Madan (Prithviraj) , a college mate of Archana. Madan gets acquainted with their family. Coming to know of their troubles, the rich Madan volunteers to help them and even lends money. All troubles begin only now. Madan happens to be a 'business consultant' who lends money to companies, corporates and individuals at exorbitantrates of interest and uses his might to recover them. In Bhaskar's case, he begins to trouble them demanding his money back and threatens to take over the research works of Bhaskar with which he aspires to make a huge sum. How the climax is resolved is to be seen in Muqabala.


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