Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 08:37
Year: 2015

"There was a big forest where a group of monkeys lived happily. One day a group of monkeys were chatting under a big tree. By then a fat monkey who was very fond of eating joined the group. Head of the group: Hey how are you? Hope you have recovered fully. Monkey 1: What happened? What’s the problem? Head of the group: Oh you didn’t know that! Last week he fell sick. Monkey 1: What’s the reason? Monkey 3: (giggles) over eating. Monkey 2: Will you shut up? Head of the group: Come on, stop. You tell me how you feel now. Monkey 2: Yeah to an extent I am good. Doctor has advised me to go on fast once in a week to keep my body fit. Monkey 1: Ho... is it so? Monkey 2: Yes... doctor explained me the advantages of fasting. So I am going to follow the doctor’s advice. Moneky 3: You…. going to fast. I don’t believe it. Head of the group: No I think what he says is right. Doctor’s advice is not only for him but also for us. To be healthy we need to follow it. So listen, everyone... I have an idea. Monkey 3 : Sh.. Sh… your attention please. Our head has some idea. Let us listen to it. Head of the group: Since fasting is good for our health, why don’t we all follow this? Monkey 1: What fasting? Will we be able to do that? Monkey 3: Why not? Nothing is impossible if we try. Head of the group: Ok... I take that everyone agrees to it. Do any one of you have objection? Monkey 2: Tell us the date. We are ready. Head of the group: Ok then. Tomorrow will be the day. Let’s meet here tomorrow morning. Narration: The group dispersed. Next morning they all gathered in the same spot. Head of the group: Has everyone gathered? Monkey 1: Yes Head of the group: Ok Lets begin our fast. Monkey 2: Before we begin, I think we should keep the food ready to break our fast. Head of the group: Why? Monkey 2: By the end of the fast we all will be hungry. Searching for food in hunger... ho I can’t even think of it. Female monkey: Oh... he started his usual stuff. Monkey 1: Yes... I think he is right. Head of the group: Yes indeed a good idea. The monkeys nodded their heads in agreement. Monkey 4: Let's send our youngsters to bring the bananas. Narration: The youngsters went and returned with their hands full of bananas. Head of the group: Slowly young ones, place it in one place. Monkey 2: You can all imagine how hungry we all will be by the end of the day. So.. Head of the group: So.. So what ? Monkey 2: I think each of us should keep our share of bananas with us before we begin our fast, so that we don’t spend time distributing them after we break our fast. Female monkey: Let’s do that. The monkeys liked the idea and they collected their share of the bananas. Head of the group: Ok as we have shared the bananas I hope we can start our fast. Female monkey: Ok but before that why don't we peel one banana and keep it ready to eat so that….. Monkey 2 : That 's even better. Let's do that. The site of the banana made every monkey feel hungry. Head of the group: All right. We shall peel the bananas but under one condition. Monkey 2: Condition. Oh oh what is that? Head of the group: Nobody should eat it. Monkey 2: Ho…ho… that is fine with me. What about the others? Friends do you all agree ? All monkeys: Yes we agree. Narration: Everyone peeled the bananas and was ready to start the fast. By the mean time. Young monkey: Mother listen. Can I keep the banana in my mouth? I promise not to eat it till evening. Please mother Female monkey: I... I can I tell something. Head of the group: Proceed. Female monkey: Why don't we all put a banana in our mouth? Head of the group: What? Female monkey: That way we can chew it immediately when we break the fast. As long as we don’t eat it, it should be fine Monkey 2: Ho... what a lovely idea? I think it is better to do that. Head of the group: Ok... let’s do that. Narration: All the monkeys put the peeled bananas in their mouths. Head of the group: Ok let’s start our fast (speaks with mouthful of banana) Narration: A few moments passed. Everyone looked at each other uncomfortably. First the young monkey who could not control himself gulped the banana. Slowly one by one every monkey gulped down the bananas. And that was the end of their fast. Head of the group: We have to fast only once in a week. Let that day be tomorrow. Today you all can have food as you like. Group…disperses. Monkeys: Yes… Oh… (Cheering) "


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