Little Mermaid

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 15:25
Year: 2015

"Once upon a time, in a splendid palace on the bed of the bluest ocean, lived the Sea King, a wise old triton with a long flowing white beard. He lived in a magnificent palace. He ruled over the merpeople. Ariel, the beautiful and loveliest daughter of King Triton had a beautiful voice. Triton: Oh Ariel, my dear daughter, you have a very beautiful voice. When you sing fishes flock here to hear your voice. Even the shells open, showing their pearls and the jellyfish stops to listen. The young mermaid often would gaze upwards, seeking the faint sunlight that scarcely managed to filter down into the depths. Ariel: Oh, sister I'd love to go up there and at last see the sky, which everyone says is so pretty, and hear the voices of humans and smell the scent of the flowers! Sister: You're still too young! In a year, when you're fifteen, our father will let you go up there, like us! Ariel: Ok… I will wait for that day. The mermaids came out to the surface only during the night time. When once Ariel’s sister returned from the surface; Ariel: Sister what did you see today? Tell me… tell me. She listened to her sisters' stories and satisfied her curiosity. Ariel spent her time with the sea horse and dolphins while her sisters were on the surface. At last, her long-desired birthday came. The night before; Ariel: Sister, I could not sleep. In the morning, I will turn fifteen and ho… The next morning her father called her. Father: Happy birthday to you my dear. There, now you can go to the surface. You'll breathe air and see the sky. But remember! It's not our world! We can only watch it and admire! We're children of the sea and have no soul, as men do. Be careful and keep away from them; they can only bring bad luck! Ariel: Oh thank you father. I will remember your words. In a moment she swam smoothly towards the surface of the sea. On the way her friends Sea horse and Dolphin wished her. Ariel: Ok see you friends. I am in hurry. Suddenly, she popped out of the water. By the time she reached the surface it was dusk and the first star appeared. Ariel: How wonderful! For the first time, I am seeing the great blue sky, It's so lovely! But what is that. Oh a ship. Another nice surprise! A ship was slowly sailing towards the rock on which Ariel was sitting. The sailors dropped anchor and the ship swayed gently in the calm sea. Ariel watched the men go about their work aboard, lighting the lanterns for the night. She could clearly hear their voices. Voice 1: Come on, let’s go to the shore. Voice 2: Prepare dinner Ariel: I'd love to speak to them! But I don’t have legs like them. I have a long flexible tail. I can never be like them! Again she heard voices and a little later, the sky became a spray of many coloured lights and the crackle of fireworks filled the sky. Voice 1: Long live our Prince, the captain! Hurray for his 20th birthday. Hurray! Hurray . . . Many more happy returns of the day. Captain: Thank you buddies. Ariel: Who is celebrating the Birthday? The little mermaid caught sight of the young man in whose honour the display was being held. Ariel could not take her eyes from him. Ariel: He looks smart. The party went on; suddenly the Prince who was standing at the edge of the deck fell into the sea. Ariel was shocked. Ariel: Oh my God! Let me rescue him. Ariel swam towards the ship and she took hold of the prince. She pushed the captain's body onto the shore. Ariel: Oh my, he is unconscious. What will I do now? Ariel sat there throughout the night. Ariel: First rays of the sun. It’s time for me, to leave. Leaving the prince Ariel dived back into the water. Prince opened his eyes when the sun rays touched him. The moment he opened his eyes Prince: Where is the girl who saved me? Her voice… oh lovely voice. Let me first return to my palace. The Prince left the place. Prince: Thank you! Thank you . . . for saving my life . . . unknown lady. Sister: Ariel what made you to stay so long on the surface. Ariel started to tell her story, but suddenly a lump came to her throat and, bursting into tears, she fled to her room. Sister: Its three days since you came out. Moreover you are refusing to see anyone or to touch food. Ariel what happened? Ariel: I... I want to marry the prince. Sister: Come on. It’s not possible. We are mermaids. We cannot marry a human. Forget it about it and be practical. Ariel: Only the witch of the Deeps can help me. Ariel swam to meet the witch. Witch: I can smell something different. Who is that? Oh Ariel. What brought you here? Ariel: Can... Can you make me human? Witch: Hmm…So you want to get rid of your fishy tail and like to have a pair of woman's legs, isn't that so?"" Ariel: Yes. Witch: It’s not as easy as you think. I warn you. You will suffer horribly, as though a sword were cutting you apart. And every time you place your feet on the earth, you will feel dreadful pain! Ariel: It doesn't matter! As long as I can go back to him! Witch: And that's not all! In exchange for my spell, you must give me your lovely voice. You'll never be able to utter a word again! And don't forget! If the man you love marries someone else, you will not be able to turn into a mermaid again. You will just dissolve in water like the foam on the wave! Ariel: All right! I agree. The witch opened a little jar, captured Ariel’s voice and gave a magic potion. Ariel took the potion and reached the shore. Ariel: Let me drink the potion. The moment she emptied the jar, an agonizing pain made her faint and when she came to her senses, she could mistily see the face she loved, smiling down at her. Prince: Hello! No need to worry. I found you in unconscious state when I came here. How do you feel now? Ariel tried to speak then alone she realized that she had become dumb. Prince: Don't be frightened! You're quite safe! Where are you from? Which place you belong to? Ariel remained silent. Prince: Oh I am sorry. Do not worry. Come with me to the castle and I will look after you. In the days that followed, the mermaid started a new life. However, as the witch had foretold, every step she took was torture. But she never showed the pain in her face. Prince: Hi… come let’s go out for a walk. Ariel followed the prince and they both strolled near the sea. Suddenly, the Prince stopped and searched around. Prince: Did you hear that voice? The same voice which is ringing in my ears from the day I was saved from the sea. Ariel gave a shocked expression. Prince who went back saw a lovely women standing before him. The woman was actually the witch who had disguised herself as a beautiful girl called Vanessa. She used Ariel’s voice which was in the shell tied around her neck. Prince: Lovely voice! I don’t find words to speak. Vanessa: Oh thank you prince. Prince: Come let’s go to the palace. Vanessa: As you say prince. All the three returned to the castle. Days passed and the prince decided to marry Vanessa. Prince: I have decided to marry Vanessa. What do you say? Ariel was shocked and tears rolled down but still nodded yes. Prince: Ok… I will take leave. I have make arrangements for the marriage. Marriage will be held in the ship. Ariel felt sad but she could not do anything. The next day everyone boarded the ship and it started to sail. Vanessa was dressing up. Prince: Vanessa… are you ready? Please come. Vanessa: I will be there in a moment. Suddenly, Prince heard Vanessa screaming Vanessa : No… No… Prince: What happened! Vanessa? The shell which was hanging around Venessa’s neck fell down and Ariel’s voice which was locked inside returned to Ariel. Ariel: Prince, Vanessa is a witch. Prince: What’s happening? How did you get Vanessa voice? I don’t understand anything. Ariel’s joy knew no bound. She explained everything to the prince. Prince: Oh! So you are the one who saved me? I would have made the mistake by marring Vanessa. Again you have saved me. You are the one I am looking for. Ariel will you marry me. Ariel: Yes. I will ….. Before she could finish the sentence the witch dragged Ariel and dived into the sea. Immediately Ariel turned to mermaid again. At the same moment… King Triton: I sense some trouble. My daughter is in danger. I should help her. The king appeared before the witch. Ariel: Father please help me! King: You leave her now. Witch: You know she is my slave now. No one can help her. Immediately the King took his wand and rose against the witch. Witch was hurt by the magical power and her grip loosened. Ariel became free. Witch: Oh… Screaming she slowly sank to the sea bed. King: Do not worry; she will never come alive again. Ariel: Father but…but… King: I know… You want to marry the Prince. Ariel: Yes father. King: Ok… I will change you to human. This time permanently. Ariel again turned to human. Prince who was watching all this helped Ariel to get into the ship. Ariel: Prince! Look there, my father and sisters. Prince waved to them. King: Long live both of you. May God bless you my dear. A beautiful wedding ceremony was held where everyone bade Ariel a tearful and happy farewell. "


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