Lion and the mouse

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:24
Year: 2015

"Once in a Jungle there lived a Lion Majesty who ruled the jungle. One day as usual the Majesty was taking a nap after a heavy nib. A tiny Mouse happened to cross that area. Tiny: Ohh.. hoo… what a lovely hair. I can feel the softness. I wish to play for sometime on him. Tiny tiptoed near to the lion. Tiny slowly climbed up on the Majesty. And started to play happily. He was playing continuously... at one point of time the Majesty woke up. He was furious. Majesty: Who is that? How dare you disturbed my sleep? Tiny who heard the voice of the lion was frightened. He felt dizzy. He trembled in fear. Majesty: Hey you little one... how dare you? Playing on me. You should be punished for this. I am going to eat you are. Hmmm… Tiny: Ohhhh.. forgive me my lord! On seeing your beautiful hair I could not control myself. Tiny: Please… Please allow me to go. I will help you some day. Moreover I am very small to fill your stomach. Majesty: Ha..ha..ha… You ?… you will help me… Oh! that’s a good joke. Anyway run away from here. Tiny: Run run run as fast as you can. Majesty: Whats the matter? Tiny : Ahhh…Nothing sir. See you. Days passed. One afternoon when Tiny was munching a guava he heard the roar of a Lion. Tiny: Ah... Its sound like Majesty’s voice. I think somebody is playing on him. Again Majesty roared. Tiny: Oh!... what is happening? Let me go and check. Tiny: My God! he is in danger. I should help him. He went near the lion. He was caught in a net. Tiny: Sir what happened? How did it happen? Majesty: No time to narrate the story. Come on relieve me fast before the hunter comes. Tiny: Yes Sir. In no time you will be released. Tiny quickly gnawed the net and released the Lion Majesty: Oh. Thank God. Thank you dear Tiny. You have helped me in a crucial time. Thanks. From now we are Tiny: Friends. Majesty: Ha… Ha… Ha… Moral: Even the weak and small may be of help to those much mightier than themselves "


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