Land Of Six Inces Man

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 10:24
Year: 2015

"Gulliver slowly opened his eyes when the sunrays touched him. Gulliver: Ah I feel better now. He tried to sit up but was unable to move even an inch. And this time it was not because of tiredness. Gulliver: I am tied down. Who could have done this? He was tied with thin but strong ropes. The ropes tied his arms, legs and rest of his bodies to small pegs stuck in the ground. He tried to lift his head but his hairs too were spread out and fastened with the pegs in the same way. The only thing he was able to see was the bright blue sky. Suddenly his expression changed Gulliver: Oh my god something is moving up my leg. His curiosity grew more when he heard some strange sound around him. Gulliver: I can feel some insect on my leg. It’s moving up. Gulliver lowered his eyes when the movement stopped near his chin. He slowly lowered his eyes and was wonder struck when he realized that it was not an insect but a miniature model of a human being. Gulliver was in the land of Lilliput where people were barely six inches tall. Gulliver: (to himself) What am I seeing? A human being barely six inches tall. Oh my! There was a little man standing with a bow and arrow on Gulliver. Slowly Gulliver felt a many movement and a small troop appeared behind the first man. All were aiming the arrow at his nose. Gulliver: (cried in surprise) ho oho… All the tiny soldiers ran backwards toppling over each other and jumping off in terror when they heard Gulliver’s voice. But soon they all returned. One soldier walked near his nose and shouted. Gulliver: My god what language is this? I don’t have even a small clue about it. But first I should try to get myself free. Gulliver twisted and turned his left arm till all the pegs were pulled out from the ground. Gulliver: Ah what a relief. With his left arm he started loosening his hair. Soon his head too was free. Gulliver: Now I can move my head too. Gulliver looked around and was astonished to see a large number of little beings. He extended his hand to grab some. But they were too quick and ran way before he could reach them. One little soldier screamed in his native language. The next moment hundred of arrows flew towards Gulliver like a swarm of bees. His clothes saved him from the arrows but his hands and face received the full blow of the attack. Gulliver: ah.. (Cried in pain) He tried to get up and free himself but another swarm of arrows flew towards him to stop his attempts. Gulliver: Ho I guess they don’t want me to be free. (To himself) Lamuel lie still. Lie still night and then think of escape. Gulliver stopped his attempt to escape and the little one too stopped their attack. Few minutes passed and suddenly Gulliver heard a sound. He saw many of them working hard to erect a platform near his head. As soon as the platform was finished one person climbed on it. He was the minister named Hurgo. He was followed by another minister. Minister Hurgo spoke for a long time looking at Gulliver. But Gulliver could not understand a word. Gulliver: Sir, I am an English man, my name is Gulliver Minister Hurgo too did not understand a word. Gulliver: Ho to add to all these things I am feeling very hungry. I need to somehow explain to them that I am hungry. Gulliver slowly explained in action that he was feeling hungry. Hurgo understood and ordered his men to bring some food. After a few minutes small ladders were set up against Gulliver’s body. Many men climbed up with buckets full of bread and meat. It was quickly dumped in his mouth. Gulliver gestured that he was thirsty too. Lilliputians rolled a barrel up the ladder and poured the liquid. The liquid in a barrel was just a cup full for him. They rolled another barrel. Gulliver: Its delicious, tastes much like a good wine. Gulliver asked for more. Another barrel was brought up and its content was poured in to his mouth. Gulliver: Let me ask for one more. But before he could ask for more, the tiny beings gestured that they had no more of that liquid left. Gulliver: I am very grateful you. Ho now I feel better. It’s a very hard work for them to climb up on me with all those buckets of food and barrels of liquid Minister again spoke and pointed his finger in a particular direction. Gulliver: I guess that he is pointing to some place. First thing I should learn their language. Gulliver guess was right. Minister Hurgo explained that Gulliver is going to be transferred to their capital Mildendo. Gulliver: Let me gesture that I want tobe free. Minister Hurgo who understood moved his head side to side and made signs that he will not be released until their Emperor ordered to free. Gulliver: (to himself) Ho I have no other option except to let these people do what they wanted. Gulliver again gestured that the wound is paining. Minister turned towards his subject and gave some orders. Next moment Gulliver was surrounded by the Lilliputians. This time they all applied some sweet smelling liquid on his wounds. It slowly reduced the pain. Gulliver who felt comfortable fell into a deep sleep as a sleeping medicine was mixed in his drink. At the same moment Emperor: Minister, built a big cart and bring the man to our capital. Minister: Yes your honour. Lilliputs began building a huge vehicle. Finally a huge cart was build, which had twenty wheels. Minister: We have built many vehicles to carry trees but this one is the biggest of all. Gulliver was very big for them. Hundreds of Lilliputians joined together pulled him up and placed him on the cart. The cart started to move. They traveled for a whole day. The journey continued next day too. The next day Gulliver slowly opened his eyes. He saw the trees moving. It took him a few seconds to realize that he is been taken to the capital. Gulliver: How did they manage to shift me on this cart and how are they pulling me. He slowly lifted his head and was again wonder struck. The cart was being pulled by thousand of horses, which was not more than four inches tall Gulliver: Ho my god. And nearly five hundred soldiers on both the sides. Gulliver laid his head back and enjoyed the beautiful countryside. The journey came to an end by afternoon. Few moments passed, Emperor came out and was wonderstruck. He climbed up on the specially raised platform and looked down carefully. The emperor began to speak. Emperor: Giant man, hope you wont create any trouble for us. And you can stay there. There was a deserted temple in the direction pointed by the emperor. The worship had been stopped since a murder had taken place in it. Gulliver: Oh only four feet high. I can only crawl into. But I guess this should be the biggest building in this island. In the meantime the royal blacksmith fastened iron chains to the walls of the desert, which was tied to the left leg of Gulliver. Emperor: Now cut the ropes. The ropes were cut and as soon as the ropes came off, he sat up and stretched himself. Gulliver rubbed his hands and looked around. He took a step but could only move to the length of two yards. The capital of Lilliput, Mildendo was a perfect square. A wall surrounded it, which were two feet high and five hundred feet long. Gulliver: Ho I can move only two yards. Hmm my freedom is restricted to two yards. Most of the houses had four or five storeys and they all looked well built. colourful markets and well stocked shops gave evidence to the prosperity of the city. Gulliver: The emperor wanted me to live here and spend my life in this temple. "


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