Krishna and Sudama

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:52
Year: 2015

"It was the period when Krishna was studying in a Gurukul. There was also another student called Sudama. In the course of their studies they became very good friends. Once they completed there education they left the Gurukul and went to there native place. Sudama got married and he gave birth to 27 children. Sudama: Oh God ! Nobody in this world should suffer from poverty as what I am. Wife: Its long time since our children had good food, good clothes in their life. Sudama: What to do? It’s our fate. Wife: I have an idea! Your friend Krishna seems to be in a very good position. I suggest that you can go and ask help from him. Sudama: what are you talking? We should not ask help from friends. That’s a bad idea. Wife: It is not going to degrade us than our present situation. Sudama: Ok let me try. Sudama left his place to see Krishna and he carried puffed rice to give it to Krishna. He walked a long distance and he reached the palace of Krishna. Guard: Who are you? No body is allowed to enter the place without permission. Sudama: I am Krishna’s childhood friend and I have come to see him. Guard: Please wait here. The guards went inside and informed Krishna about Sudama. Krishna: What? Sudama has come. Let me welcome him myself. Krishna felt very happy when he saw Sudama. Krishna took him in and they were talking for a while. Krishna: I think you will be hungry... come let’s eat. After lunch they were taking a stroll in the garden. Sudama: I should not disclose my poverty and ask help to Krishna who cares and respects for me... I should take his leave in the morning. Krishna: My dear friend what are you thinking? Ok having come so far to see me what have you bought for me. With lots of hesitation he gave that puffed rice to Krishna. Krishna: Wow! You have brought something which I love to eat. Krishna by this time knew everything. Krishna took a handful of puffed rice and put it in his mouth. The moment he put that in his mouth Sudama’s hut turned into a palace. When he ate another handful, the old attire what Sudama’s wife and children wore changed into grand new ones. For the third mouthful of rice the palace's treasury got filled up with gems and diamonds. Krishna: Enough friend, I had enough. Sudama took leave of Krishna and returned to his house. Seeing a palace in the place of his hut. Sudhama: Oh God! Even the small hut I owned is gone. Saying so he went inside the palace and he could not recognize his own wife as she was so well dressed. Sudama: I think I entered a wrong house. Sudama’s Wife: No.. No... Dear, don’t you recognize me. Sudama: Hey it’s you, my dear wife. I can not believe my eyes. Wife: You asked your dear friend for help and he has showered his blessings on us. Sudama: No... No.. I have not asked any help from Krishna, he himself has showered all this wealth on us. From that day Sudama and his family led a very happy life. Moral: True love does not distinguish between high and low status. "


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