Kingdom of Blefescu

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 02:35
Year: 2015

"Soon Gulliver reached the royal port of Blefuscu. Gulliver: Oh God saved me. By the time Gulliver reached the port he was given a warm welcome. Blefescu citizen: I think he is the giant man from Lilliput: Let me help him. Gulliver: Hello friend, can you show me the way to your capital. By the way my name is Gulliver Lamuer. The Blefescu citizen took Gulliver to the city. The man walked beyond the gates while Gulliver waited at the gates of the city. The Emperor of Blefescu came ut of the city to welcome Gulliver. He was accompanied by the entire royal family and the Ministers and other important officials. Gulliver bent low on the ground and respectfully kissed their hands. Blefescu Emperor: Welcome to our country giant man. Gulliver: I am grateful and honoured. His majesty and Her majesty have come in person to invite me. I have come to honour the invitation that Your Majesty so graciously offered. Emperor of Lilliput has given me the permission to stay here for a while and offer you my services. Blefescu Emperor: You are free to roam in this country. Feel free. We are not going to lay conditions for your stay here. Gulliver: Thank you. Gulliver did not reveal his punishment that waited for him in Lilliput. Gulliver did not have any building large enough for his size. So he spent his nights by sleeping out in the open. His days were passed in exploring the land. On the third day when he was walking on the shore Gulliver: I see something tossing in the water near the shore. Gulliver walked towards it. It was a boat. Gulliver: It’s a boat! It’s a boat my size. But how did it come here? It can’t be a Blefuscudian boat! It is a long boat from a ship. It must have been tossed here in a storm. Gulliver was thrilled as he had found something to take him back to a normal sized world. Gulliver: Finally God has shown me the way. Let me request the emperor to help me to rebuild this boat. He quickly walked straight towards the royal palace. "


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