Jungal Ki Rani Madam Mercury

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Devi Shalmanjira is the goddess of Muriya group whom Fyumancho had arrested and has kept a evil powerful female named Madam Mercury for the protection of Devi Shalmanjira. After Shalmanjira left, the Muriya group got destroyed and came under the hands of Fyumancho & Mercury. The head of Muriya community is always in tension as to how to bring the idol of Goddess back from Fyumancho to his group. He even tries to steal the idol but the soldiers of Mercury arrest him. Mercury decides to kill him on Amavasya. Gaurav also has to go for the prayer of Goddess Shalmanjira He makes an excuse with his aunty that he has to go to his grandmothersí place. Monty insists to go with Gaurav compulsorily. Madam Mercury is busy preparing for the party at the night of Amavasya. Fyumancho is about to come & Muriya head is also going to die. Gaurav also leaves with Monty. Gaurav and Monty are going towards the den of Goddess Shalmanjira. Itís a dangerous Jungle. Monty is scared but does show that he is afraid because he knows that if Gaurav comes to know then he will send him back. At one place Monty is stuck in marsh. Gaurav saves Monty with a great difficulty. On the other hand Madam Mercury is busy in preparing for the forest and Monty feels thirsty in the jungle. Gaurav goes in search of water for him. He doesnít find Monty when he returns back. Monty is being taken by the soldiers of Madam Mercury. Two birds on the tree helps him and tell that who has taken Monty with them. Fyumancho is waiting for the night of Amavasya and is also waiting for the day when the whole would dance on his fingers. Gaurav is roaming around in search of Monty. He goes to the security circuit of Madam Mercury. There is a noise of Nagadas (a village communications instrument) in the jungle and Madam Mercury comes to know that an alien energy is moving towards them. She orders her soldiers to arrest whosoever he is. Fyumancho gets busy in the prayer of Shalmanjira. Madam Mercuryís soldiers attack Gaurav who loses his balance deliberately and gives himself to the soldiers of Madam Mercury. He is arreseted & is brought in front of Madam Mercury. She is happy as there will be a chance to sacrifice three people on the occasion of Amavasya. Monty is surprised seeing Gaurav there.


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