Journey Back To His Home

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 08:47
Year: 2015

"Gulliver reached the palace Blefescu Emperor: Oh giant man. Gulliver: Your Majesty, I am here to ask you a favour. Blefescu Emperor: Please, we are ready to help you. Tell us what you want! Gulliver: I request you to lent me six of yours tallest ships and few seamen. Blefescu Emperor: Can I know the reason? Gulliver: Your majesty, there is a boat near the shore. I need to repair it. Blefescu Emperor: Oh I see. Ok your request is granted. With the ships and the seamen Gulliver started his work. The men from the ships tossed the ropes. With the ropes Gulliver tied the longboat. Gulliver: I will push the boat from behind while you pull it from the front. ( Gulliver pushed it from behind while the ships sailed in front pulling it near the shore). Soon the boat was on the shore. Gulliver: Ok friends lets start our work. Before that lets turn the boat. Thank god, it is still strong and undamaged. Blefescu seamen: Interesting work. Lets start the work. Blefescu Seamen 2: Never seen such a big boat. Blefescu Seamen: It will be a nice experience. Blefescu seamen 2: Can you guess how long will it take for us to complete the work? Blefescu seamen: No idea. But sure it will go for more that a week. Blefescu seamen: 2: Then it will be a hectic week for us. Along with Gulliver every one was busy repairing the boat. It took ten days for him to make paddles. Blefescu seamen : Giant man, I think we are nearing the completion. Gulliver: yes a day’s work is left out. By tomorrow it will all be set. The next day Gulliver: Now it’s ready. Blefescu seamen: yes, it’s ready. Gulliver: Without your support I would not have completed the work. Thank you for your timely help. Blefescu: Do not mention. Its our pleasure. Gulliver took the boat to the port to show it to the emperor. Gulliver: Your majesty, I am here to thank you. Blefescu Emperor: Giant man, is your boat ready. Gulliver: yes your majesty. It is ready to sail. Had it not been for your generosity, I would not have been able to get this boat to the shore. It’s just what I need to return to my own country. You have been very kind to me. I humbly thank you for all your help and request one last favour from your Majesty. Blefescu Emperor: What do you wish? If it were in my power then I’d not hesitate in granting it to you. Gulliver: Now that I have found a boat, I beg your permission to leave and request you to grant me some provisions for my journey. Emperor: I grant you both. Gulliver: But what about the message that you’ve received from Lilliput? Emperor: we did receive an envoy from Lilliput ordering me to send you to them with hands and foot tied. If not we had to face a war. Gulliver: So what has the emperor decided to do? Emperor: Don’t worry my friend. I’ve already sent the envoy back with my best regards and my most polite words of regret for bring unable to carry out his orders. I’ve told him that we are quite unable to capture a person of your size and bind you. Moreover I’ve also informed him that you’ve found a boat and would very soon be going away from our two kingdoms. We will not have to bear the burden of feeding you for long or to feel scared of your great strength. Gulliver: That’s very kind of you, your majesty. I shall forever be thankful to you. Emperor: You have made up your mind to leave us giant man. But I want to tell you that if you agree to stay here with us and serve or kingdom, then I’d willingly offer you all protection you need. You shall never lack anything while you live here. Gulliver: Thank you. I appreciate your majesty’s offer but I had learnt my lesson in Lilliput. I had seen enough of royal arrogance and anger to trust any ruler ever again. Besides, I had had enough of little people and longed to return back to a normal sized work. Emperor: Ok as you wish. Gulliver: I thank you once again. Your majesty, I’m much obliged to your kindness but I don’t want to be the reason behind another war between the kingdoms of Blefuscu and Lilliput. I really must leave now and let the peace prevail here. It’s best for everybody. Emperor: Then, I order that the boat to be loaded with the meat of hundred oxen and three hundred sheep. And also see to that enough bread and drink be loaded to last all through his voyage. As ordered by the Emperor the meat, bread and drink was loaded in the boat. The scheduled day arrived. Gulliver: Everything is set. Now I can start my journey. Gulliver went to the palace to bid farewell to the Royal Family.The Emperor put in Guliver;s hands the gifts he had readied. Gulliver: Can I know about this your majesty! It was a life-size portrait of the emperor and fifty pouches containing two hundred gold coins each. Gulliver: I thank you for everything. I take the leave of his Majesty. Gulliver released the anchor and the boat slowly started to sail. The boat sailed away from Blefuscu at 6 o clock in the morning of September 24, 1701, Gulliver continued his journey for the next two days. Gulliver: I am really fortunate. I can see a ship. I will get the help from them. Gulliver started to row his boat towards the ship. Captain: Hey slow the speed. I can see a boat sailing towards us. We need to help him. Captain: Hello I am the captian. Gulliver: Hello I am Gulliver. Gulliver explained everything to the captain. But the captain did not believe Gulliver. Gulliver: No I am not mad. Everything that I’ve told you is the truth. And here let me show you the proof. Gulliver took out the tiny cows and sheeps from his pocket and put them up on a table for everyone to see. Captain was astonished and could not believe his eyes. Captain: OH my god! It is true. But how tiny these animals are! how can this be true? Gulliver: Wait let me show you the Emperor’s portrait and the small pouches filled with gold coins that emperor had given me. Captain: Amazing He then believed every words of Gulliver. Gulliver: Captain I am really grateful to you. I gift you a cow and a pregnant sheep. Captain: I am delighted. Thank you. Gulliver: Now let me take leave. See you bye captain. Captain: Bye Almost three years had passed since the day he had sailed away from his country. Finally on April 13, 1702 he returned back to his homeland. "


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