Jadui Bona

Running Time:

Gaurav tries to release Monty but gets trapped in the plan of Madam Mercury. Mercury puts Monty on the fire grill to roast him to have a feast of human flesh when at the right time Junior G comes & saves both Monty & Muriya chief. Fyumancho again loses & he is unable to do the prayer of amavasya because before he reaches there, Junior G makes Madam Mercury run and returns the idol of Goddess Shalmanjira to the chief of Muriya dynasty. He also takes the blessings & powers from the idol. Muriya dynasty again flureshes. Everyone thanks Junior G. Monty is also happy to see Junior G. Fumancho again goes to the ozon chamber to think about a new plan to kill Junior G. Captain killer, Miss Magneto, Linda, Madam Mercury, Bobo, Metal Man, and all other soldiers of Fyumancho are standing in a line when Fumancho is scolding everyone. Everyone is standing with their heads bowed down. Fumancho tells them that now he doesnít need them anymore. Everyone asks for his forgiveness but Fumancho doesnít listen to anyone because this time he has called a very powerful soldier who is just 3 feet in height but is so dangerous that even death is scared of him. His name is BONAPART, a dwarf but a dangerous dwarf. All the soldiers make fun of the dwarf. Bonapart kicks Bobo seven feet away. Fyumancho gives Bonapart the task of killing Junior G and taking the piece of the asteroid from him. Bonapart meets Gaurav and tells him his sad story. He becomes the friend of Gaurav and both of them starts searching Junior G. Gaurav doesnít know about Bonapart with whom he has made friends. Bonapart is busy finding Junior G and starts his mission. He starts making children handicap wherever he finds them in park, on roads, in school, everywhere by entering into their body. Cityís hospital is full with these children. When Junior G comes to know about this, he gets tensed and starts thinking as to who is doing all this. Commissioner gives the task to Inspector Bhari Singh to arrest Bonapart. Fumancho and Linda are also happy with the work of Bonapart. Bonapartís fear is spreading all over the city. Every child is scared. Children has stopped coming out of houses. Everyone feels that the evil dwarf will make the children handicapped. Bonapart is tensed that even after so much of fear, Junior G hasnít come in front of him. He decides that he will enter childrenís body and try to find about Junior G. He starts scanning children and one day reaches Gaurav. As he is about to enter his body and kill him, thereís a forecasting that he cannot use his magic powers to kill anyone against any magic powers. For this heíll have to use any other body. Bonapart finds out that Monty is Gauravís friend and he enters his body. Monty starts behaving in a weird manner. Gauravís dog sees Monty and points out to Gaurav. Gaurav feels the danger when Bonapart changes his mind. He thinks that he will take the magical piece of the asteroid but wonít give back to Fumancho, instead he will keep it with him and get more powerful himself and dictate the world.


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