Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:43
Year: 2015

"As usual Akbar and Birbal were strolling in the royal garden. Akbar: Birbal by God’s grace our people are living in peace. Birbal: Not only by God’s grace, it is because of Emperor Akbar’s righteous rule. Akbar: Come on Birbal. I hope all our people are very honest. Birbal: I beg to differ. Akbar: What do you mean by that? Birbal: I mean not all people are honest. It all depends on the circumstances. Akbar: Oh I see. Can you prove it? Birbal: Sure. Give me a day’s time sir. Akbar: Permission granted. Akbar and Birbal departed. Next day Birbal called the royal announcer. Announcer: Sir, order me. What should I do? Birbal: Yes, here read out this statement in public. Announcer: As you say sir. The announcer took the message and entered the streets. Announcer: Kind attention dear public. Your attention please! The public gathered. Announcer: The message is, King has arranged for a special pooja. Each family has to contribute a litre’s milk for the pooja. A big drum will be placed before the palace. The milk has to be poured in the drum. Remember the day is tomorrow. Akbar who was listening from the balcony was puzzled. Announcer went to the next street and by the end of the day the news reached each and everyone. The next morning. Akbar: Birbal this time my statement will be the truth. Birbal: Dear Emperor, let’s wait till the end of the day to check whose statement is correct. Akbar: Ok The drum was placed before the palace. A few people poured the milk. As hours passed by, the queue began to grow. Everyone poured the milk. At the end of the day... Birbal: My Lord lets go and see the drum. Shall we ? Akbar: We have to, come lets go. Both Akbar and Birbal went to inspect the drum. Akbar’s face showed the sign of shock as he peeped into the drum. Birbal who notice this said... Birbal: Please let me have a look. Now Birbal looked into the drum. Birbal: My lord, I hope you understood. Akbar: No, I am totally confused. We have asked them to pour the milk but there is only water in it. Birbal: Yes my lord. You know why. Everyone calculated that adding a litre of water to the milk in the drum will not make any difference. That’s the reason the drum is filled with water. Akbar: Oh Birbal... Birbal ! You have proved it again. I appreciate you. Birbal: Thank you my lord. Akbar: Birbal what will we do with water. Birbal: My lord, will you give me a day’s time to…. Akbar: No no Birbal, I will ask one of the guards to clear the drum. Come lets go. "


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