Healing Leprosy

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 3.45
Year: 2015

" Jesus showed the importance of spending time talking to God, to the people. One day, after Jesus had started his morning prayer; Jesus: (To his disciples) Come, lets start our day by preaching the other people about God’s love. Let us start. As Jesus was going from town to town, more people began to hear about the things that he was doing. People would walk great distances to be able to see Jesus. One day Jesus was in a small town. Leper: I heard that Jesus is in our town. And also I heard lot of his healing miracles. I will meet him at any cost and ask him to hear me of these deadly dieseas of leprosy. Jesus was sitting while the man came to see him. He went right up to Jesus and fell to the ground on his knees. The man who came to Jesus was very brave. Lepor: Lord… I know very well that I will get into trouble for getting too close to public. But I have faith in you. That you will heal these deadly dieseas. Jesus: Ho man, tell me. Leper: I know you have the power to heal me, show agrees Jesus looked at the man as he was on the ground. Jesus: I knew very well that you are suffering from this disease for a long time. I want to heal you. Now you will be healed. Leper: Jesus, you really touched me. Till now, no one is able to touch me. Due to this leprosy I have faith in you. Jesus: I really care for you. As he looked down at the man, He reached his hand out. Jesus gently placed his hand upon the man and said; Leper: Thank you so much my lord. Then Jesus gave him special instructions; Jesus: Listen to my words, Don’t tell anyone what I did for you. I want you to go show yourself to the man who works in the church and you offer a gift to God. Then the man in the church can tell everyone that your leprosy is gone. Leper: I will do as you say my Lord. But the man did not listen to Jesus, on his way to Church. Leper: Jesus has cured me of my disease. His is my lord and Savior. Crowd 1: Yes, now you look clean and healthy. Slowly, the healing of leperosy spread around and soon Jesus was surrounded by so many people. Jesus: Now, I am able to go where I needed to go. This is the reason I told the man not to tell anyone what had happened. Jesus always had a reason for the things he did. He knew people would come to him looking for something spectacular. They might even try to make him their king. But that is not why Jesus came to earth. He came to save people and show them God’s love. "


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