Genre: Action Entertainer
Starcast: Sundar C,Nasser, Vivek, Mukesh
Director: Badhri
Music: D. Iman
Running Time:
Year: 2009

Hum Hain Shezaade Is Five Man Army, Represented In The Film By Big Brother Gunasekhar (Nassar), Karuna (Mukesh), Dhoni (Vivek), Prabhakar (Sundar.C) And A Younger Brother. They Are Feudal Landlords And Run Various Businesses And Are Constantly At Loggerheads With Dhanush Kodi And Family, Who Run All The Illegal Activities In Town. They Are Baying For Each Others' Blood, And The Bad Guys Are Targeting The Strongest In The Group Prabhakar With Whom They Have Their Own Axe To Grind. In A Flashback It Is Revealed That Prabhakar Had Killed One Of The Bad Brothers (Raj Kapoor), Who Had Forcibly Tied The 'Thali' On His Big Brother'S Fiancee Kalpana (Devayani) Simran, A Bharathanatiyam Dancer And Niece Of Dhanush Kodi, Has Run-In With Prabhakar, Which Soon Develops Into Love, But Is Spurned By Our Hero Who Is In Love With A Student Gayathri (Adithi). Later She Is Forced To Marry Karuna In A Mistaken Identity Case. She Comes Into The Household With Her Own Agenda, To Split The Unity Among The Five Man Army And Destroy The Man Who Scorned Her Love. The Rest Of The Movie Is How Prabhakar Turns Into A One-Man Army And Outwits The Machinations Of His Sister-In-Law Who Is Hand In Glove With The Baddies.


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