Gulliver In Capital

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:41
Year: 2015

"Gulliver walked around the shore. Gulliver: I like to enter into the city. Having decided to enter the city Gulliver prepared himself. Gulliver: I have sent word to the emperor seeking permission to enter the city. Will the guard return with good news? Indeed guard returned with the permission Gulliver: Thank you guard. The news of Gulliver entering the city was spread out. Announcer: I here by announce that every one of you should be at home as the giant man is entering our city. To avoid accidents please stay inside. Gulliver had a good view of palace and the city. He started to walk into the city but could not keep his leg as buildings were constructed closely. Gulliver: It’s not possible for me to walk. I should figure out some way. The next three days Gulliver made two strong stools, of the size that could fit in the arrow space between the palatial buildings. Gulliver put the first stool and climbed on it. Then he put the second stool before him and stepped out it. Then he lifted the first stool and put it on the other side of the building. In this way he passed over many buildings till he reached the palace. Gulliver: Ho let me see the palace. Gulliver sat down and looked into the middle storey windows of the palace. He was amazed to see a magnificent sight. Gulliver: Oh my God I have never come across such a magnificent room. The rooms were all splendidly decorated with glittering gems, gold and astonishingly beautiful works of art. Just then the empress came to the balcony. The empress welcomes Gulliver. Gulliver: I am honoured by your graciousness. Gulliver gently kissed her hand. The Emperor too joined them in the balcony. Gulliver after chatting returned to his place. Gulliver with the Emperor’s permission made a table and a chair for himself. At the same time the emperor had ordered his tailors to stitch a dress for Gulliver Gulliver: Can I know the reason for your visit. Tailor 1: Giant man, I am royal trailer. Its His majesty’s order. We are here to take measurements. Gulliver: Oh really thank you. Tailor climbed on the ladder to take measurements. Gulliver: I am very grateful to the emperor. To show his gratitude Gulliver invited the Emperor, empress and the ministers for the dinner. He arranged a small table and chair on his table and everyone enjoyed the dinner. The closeness with the royal family ignited the jealousy in the minister (B). Gulliver: Does the Minister still consider me a danger to the land? He almost looks as if he hates me! The Minister just laughed. Emperor: Its was a lovely dinner. WE all enjoyed. Now let me take leave. Good night. Gulliver: Good night Your majesty. "


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