God Provides

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 06:13
Year: 2015

"Long long ago, a generous king once ruled in the land of Andhra. King: Oh minister, by God’s grace our people are living in peace and there is no trace of poverty in our country. Minister: True it’s all because of the generosity of our king. King: Not at all... because of the blessing of our God. While they were discussing a guard entered Guard: My lord! There are two people at the entrance. They wish to see you. King: Allow them. Guard: Yes my lord. Both the men entered the court. Ramdev: My lord! Accept our greetings. I am Ramdev. Gurudev: And I am Gurudev. Minister: Ok... tell us the purpose of your visit. Gurudev: My lord, we are from the neighboring country. We heard of your kindness and generosity. Ramdev: So we are here to… King: No need to explain. I understand. Guard give them the money they want. Guard: Take this. Gurudev: God provides Ramdev: Our king provides. Saying so, they both left the court. The king wondered on hearing the statement. Few days passed. One day while the king and minister were discussing, Gurudev and Ramdev entered the court. King: Oh it is you both. Guard, give them the money they want. The guard handed each a bag. Ramdev: Our king provides. Gurudev: God provides Ramdev: Thank you my lord. The king was annoyed when he heard Gurudev. The moment both of them left... King: Minister did you hear what Gurudev said. I would like to test him. Do you know the road which is at the back of the palace? Minister: Yes my lord. But no body uses that road. King: Yes. Let’s place a bag of gold coins in the middle of the road and let’s ask Ramdev to go first and Gurudev second. Ramdev who goes first Minister: will find the bag which he can take for himself. King: Exactly. Minister: What about Gurudev? King: God will provide him. So the next day Gurudev and Ramdev were called. After getting there usual money... King: Ramdev today take the road at the back of the palace. You can go now. After a few minutes Gurudev too was asked to take the same road. In the mean time a guard placed a bag of gold coins in the middle of the road. Ramdev: I wonder why King asked me to take this route. This is an isolated place. But why? Probably king wanted me to enjoy the privacy of this road. It is indeed a beautiful road and so broad. One can walk with eyes closed. Saying so, he closed his eyes and walked. As a result he missed the bag. He walked passed the bag. At the same time Gurudev who was following around him picked up the bag. Gurudev: How come Ramdev has missed this bag? The next day, again both of them went to the royal court. King: Ramdev did you found anything on the road. Ramdev: My lord, it was a beautiful road but I did not find anything. The king was shocked. He turned to Gurudev; Gurudev: I found a bag of gold coins. God provided. The king again wanted to test. King: Minister this time I am going to give a pumpkin to Ramdev. Minister: Pumpkin, it will worth a few coins. King: No the pumpkin which I am going to give will be filled with silver coins. Minister: Ho... I see. As per king’s order a guard filled the pumpkin with the silver coins. Ramdev received the pumpkin from the king. As usual, the next day King asked Ramdev; King: Did you earn anything more than usual. Ramdev: No my lord. I sold it to a vegetable vendor for a few coins. The king tried hard not to show his dismay. King: How about you Gurudev? How was you day yesterday? Gurudev: My lord, as I was passing by the shop... the vegetable vendor called me and gave me a pumpkin. I went home and cut it. Gurudev: What a surprise! The pumpkin is filled with silver coins. Ho... God Provides. Gurudev: As I always say God provides. King: Hmm…. What you are saying is correct. "


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