Ghatotkach Kidnapping SasiRekha

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 06:32
Year: 2015

"Days passed, Ghatotkach: Mother where is Abhimanyu? Hidimbi: He is in the garden my son. Ghatotkach met Abhimanyu in the garden. Ghatotkach: What is he doing here? I thought of teaching him some of our powers. Ghatotkach: Brother, what’s that which is disturbing you? Abhimanyu: Brother… Ghatotkach: Feel free brother. I am here to help you. Tell me, I will do my best to solve your problem. Abhimanyu: Our uncle Balarama …. Ghatotkach: You mean Lord Krishna’s brother ? Subhadra entered the garden. Subhadra: Yes, my brother Balarama promised me that he would give his daughter Sasirekha in marriage to Abhimanyu. Ghatotkach: So the memories of Sasirekha disturbs you. Do not worry! I will bring her here. Ghatotkach: Hey Shombo, hey Lamboo, where are you? Shombo: Hoye Hoye. Lamboo: Hoye Hoy. Ghatotkach: Get ready our army for a war. Hidimbi: With whom are you going to fight my son? Ghatotkach: With Balaram. Subhadra: No my son, cool yourself. Remember he is my brother and uncle for you. You should not harm them. Ghatotkach: Ah, then tell me what I should do. Subhadra: You go to Dwaraka, meet my brother Krishna there. He will tell you what to do? Ghatotkach: Bless me mother. I will start my mission immediately. Abhimanyu, now you take the charge. You are the leader now. Hey Shombo, Hey Lamboo. Shombo: Hoye Hoye. Lamboo: Hoye Hoye. Ghatotkach: Assist my brother in the administration. Mother I take leave. Ghatotkach flew towards Dwaraka. The moment he landed in the palace he thought for a while. Ghatotkach: Ah what a fool I am? How will I search her without any identification? Meanwhile he heard a song. Ghatotkach found an old man in the garden. Ghatotkach: Hey old man! Can you tell me where Sasirekha’s palace is? Oldman: Why do you want to know that? Ghatotkach: That’s none of your business. Tell me the answer. Oldman: Why are you so tensed my boy? Cool cool... Ghatotkach: Hey old man! If I don’t succeed in my mission I will see to it that this Dwaraka goes under the sea. Oldman: Ho Such a powerful person you are. Then can you do me small favour. I will show you Sasirekha’s room. Can you lift and carry me. Ghatotkach: Oh that’s a simple job. Ghatotkach tried as much as he can but could not even move the old man. Ghatotkach: What a miracle? I am not even able to shake him a bit. Hey old man, tell me who…ah I understand. Bless me oh Lord. Krishna revealed his identity. Krishna: May success be yours. How is Subhadra? Ghatotkach: She is fine. Only with her permission I have come here. Krishna: I know, be careful. Now come closer, I will tell you what to do? Krishna whispered into the ears of Gatotkach. Ghatotkach: Namo Namaha, Namo Namaha. I will do as you advise. Ghatotkach made himself invisible and entered Sasirekha’s room. He carried her along with the cot and flew back to his abode. Hidimbi: Sister look there, my son has come. Ghatotkach placed the cot in the room. Hidimbi: What a beauty? You are really lucky to get such a beautiful daughter in law. Subhadra: It’s all Krishna’s blessings. Ghatotkach: Where is Abhimanyu? Subhadra: He is in the garden. Ghatotkach immediately disguised himself as Sasirekha and entered the garden. Abhimanyu: Who is… Ho rekha how come you are here? I was thinking of you. Sasirekha (Ghatotkach):: Hmm stop. I am here to tell you that you should forget me. Abhimanyu: What are you in your sense? Sasirekha (Ghatotkach): Like a coward, you left me. I have to fight and oppose them. Now I have decided to marry Dhuriyodhana’s son. Abhimanyu: Rekha, how can you talk like this? Listen to me. Sasirekha took Abhimanyu inside. The moment they went inside, Abhimanyu was shocked to see Rekha sitting. Abhimanyu: What’s happening here! I can’t believe my eyes. Sasirekha (Ghatotkach): Do not worry brother. It’s all Krishna’s plan. Sasirekha: Iyyo your voice. Ghatotkach: Do not worry. It is ok now. Mother let me go now. Krishna has given me a Big task to complete. Hidimbi: Ok carry on my son. Let victory be yours. Ghatotkach: Hey Shamboo, Hey Lhomboo come here. I will tell you the plan. Ghatotkach whispered the plan in their ears. Shamboo: OK. Lamboo: OK. Again Ghatotkach flew over the city and entered the palace in Dwaraka. "


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