Gatotkach Revealing His Identity

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 03:29
Year: 2015

"Shakuni who was requested to stand on the magical stool walked towards it. Dhuriyodhana: Uncle no…no…no… Do not stand on it. Do not. Shakuni: My Dear, you have still not understood your uncle. My mind is in my control. Until and unless I decide no one reads my mind. Dhuriyodhana: Uncle…!!! Sakuni: Cool. Sakuni stood on the magical stool. He was mesmerized and started to speak out the truth. Were plan for the marriage. Flattering Balrama and benefits of the wedding. Shakuni: We called the Pandavas to play the game of dice and won the game by cheating. We planned to get rid of them and succeeded in it too. When you came to ask about it we praised you and made to speak on our side. We know that you will fall for flattery. So we planned to bring you to our side by getting into this wedlock. And once this wedding takes place, Krishna and you will not support the Pandavas as your daughter would have been to the cover our family. He…he…he… After speaking the truth he stepped down. Balarama: How dare? Dhuriyodhana, I never expected you to do this. And cheat your own guru. Krishna: I told you in the beginning. You ignored my words. Shasirekha: Father, what do I do now? Krishna: Do as u wish. Then Ghatotkach revealed his true identity and roared. Ghatotkach: I will kill you all. Krishna: No no, cool... Ghatotkach, cool. Balarama: Krishna, Who is he? Krishna: Brother, he is the son of Bhima, mighty Ghatotkach. Ghatotkach: Bless me uncle. Balarama: Long live my son. Ghatotkach: Hey cruel Kauravas! Time has come to teach a lesson to you. Hey shamboo, hey Lamboo show your powers. Shamboo: Hum im, hoom Snakes appeared in the midst of the hall. They created confusion. Ghatotkach: I don’t think there is a need for the crown on people. Who ruled kingdom on braj and stretch. The moment he uttered these words the crowns fell from their heads. Ghatotkach: And the dresses... The dresses changed to rags. Ghatotkach: Now, I will send you back to your palace. All were tied together and started flying back to their palace. Balarama: Thank you Ghatotkach. I never knew you would be so powerful. Meanwhile, where is my daughter Shasirekha. What happened to her? Krishna: Do not worry. She is in the safe hands. "


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