Fox and The Dogs

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 02:56
Year: 2015

"One day Mrs. Fox expressed her wish to have a big Rohita Fish for lunch. Mr. Fox assured that he will return with the Fish. And walked in the direction of the river. Fox: I promised her to bring Fish. But how will I catch it? At the same time two dogs were dragging a big Rohita Fish towards the shore. Mr. Fox saw this. Dog 1: Ahh haa…. The Fish will last for many days. Fox slowly walks towards the Dogs. Dog1: Ok let’s share this... you do the sharing. Dog 2: If I say yes then I had to give a bigger share to him. So let’s ask him to share it. You divide it. Dog1: You do it. Dog2: No... No... Only you have to do it. The argument went on between them to divide the Fish. Mr. Fox used this opportunity to interfere. Fox: What’s the matter friend? Can I help you? Dog2: Both of us together caught this Fish. We don’t know how to divide it? Dog1: Only you have to help us to divide it equally. Fox: Ahh Haa…. Luck is by my side. Ok… I will help you to divide it equally. You take the head portion, you take the tail potion. Dog1: This seems to be fair. Dog2: Let’s see how the Fox is going to divide the left out. Fox: I will take the body part as my price for dividing the Fish. Fox left the place with the tastiest part of the Fish. While the two dogs together watched helplessly. Dog1: Ohh God… We have missed the heavy part of the Fish. Dog2: If we would have relied on each other, a third person would not have interfered and we would have not suffer this loss. Ho….. I got a lesson for us. "


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