Fox and Grapes

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:35
Year: 2015

"There was a thick forest next to a small village. A sophisticated fox had a house in the forest. The fox had a very rare habit. He had fixed a board outside his house. In the beginning of every week the fox use to fill the board with the list of eatable items for each day. Everyday it will follow the table and use to tick against the items before leaving his home. One day Fox: Hmm. let me check the board to see what my stuff is today. Ah.. Today, it is honey, from the shop. Ok let me get ready to taste the honey. The Fox ticked against honey and headed towards the shop. Fox: AH.. My luck... Shop keeper is not found around. Let me take the honey. The Fox tried to pull out a bottle but all other bottles which were stacked on top fell on the fox which made him faint. After a few minutes the fox woke up Fox: Oops how long was I lying here? I can see the shop owner coming. Let me vacate the place. Gone... I don’t have luck today. The Fox returned to his home. The next morning the fox read the board. Fox: Hmmm it is the lunch from the lunch box. The fox sticked against the box and went to the nearby village. He saw a man sleeping under a tree. Next to him was the basket which had lunch boxes. The fox slowly went near the box and tried to flick the box. The moment he touched the box it received a big blow with a stick. The panicked fox fled from the scene. Fox: Really I am unlucky. I cannot taste the lunch from the box. Let me try my luck tomorrow. Next morning. Fox: Hmm. it is the grapes today. The juicy grape from the vineyard. The fox reached the vineyard. When he entered the garden he heard a peculiar sound. Gardener: hoooo... hoooo... run away you … Fox: What soooooun…….d is thiiis ? It was the sound of the gardener. The fox got frightened at the sight of the gardener and ran away. Fox: This time let me use the other way and I will succeed in getting the grapes. The Fox somehow managed to enter the vineyard but the scarecrow that was kept there made the fox tremble. Again the fox ran away from the scene. Fox: What is that? Let me stand here and watch who is that? The fox stood there for sometime watching the scarecrow. Fox: Oooh. That is a doll. I was unnecessarily frightened. Let me take the grapes. Fox saw bunch of grapes hanging from the vine. The sight of the grapes made his mouth watered. Fox: Fresh, juicy grapes...Yummy. First he lifted his head and stretched out. HE could not reach the grapes. He felt the grapes were higher. So the fox stood on his hind legs and stretched. Again he could not reach them. Fox: oops. Too high ! Finally he jumped up and up again and again but in vain. Soon he got too tired. Fox: Shh… These grapes are sour. Who would eat sour grapes? I like only grapes that are sweet. Saying this the fox left the place. Moral: Its easy to despise what you cannot get. "


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