Flawless Judgement

Genre: Animation Stories
Starcast: N/A
Director: N/A
Music: N/A
Running Time: 04:53
Year: 2015

"There was another case which came to Birbal’s court. Servant: Sir, there are two men waiting to see you. Birbal: Ok let them come. They were an oilman and a butcher. Birbal: Tell me Oilman: Sir, I am an oil merchant. He is a butcher. I am here to lodge a complaint. Birbal: Proceed. Let the butcher first tell his statement. Butcher: Sir, today morning I was busy selling meat when this oil merchant entered my shop. Birbal: Hmm... Oilman: Hello, I am a oil merchant. Do you want to buy oil? Butcher: Yes, I want. Can you wait here while I fetch a vessel for the oil? Oilman: Oh sure. Butcher: When I went in, he quietly picked up my money bag and ran away with it. The moment I saw him running, I ran behind him Butcher: Stop, hey stop... my bag... return my bag. Oilman: No this is mine. Butcher: This is mine. Butcher: Finally, I retrieved it but still he claims that it is his. Oilman: Lie, it’s a built up story Sir. I did enter his shop but rest is not true. Actually it happened like this. Oilman: Do you want to buy oil ? Butcher: Yes, let me bring the vessel. The Butcher brought the vessel. Butcher: Pour a litre of oil. Oilman: I poured the oil and he paid me. When I opened my money bag to put in the money I had received from him Butcher: Oh so much money. Oilman: He became greedy and seized my money bag. I fought with him but he refused to give my money back. Sir, only you have to help me to get my money back. Everyone around looked at Birbal. Minister 1: There is no clue in this case. Let me see how Birbal is solving this case. Minister 2: Let us see how he is going to give the verdict in a case like this? Birbal thought for a while. Birbal: Guard brings a tub of hot water. A guard bought the hot water. Birbal: Place it on that table. Birbal: Will you please drop the bag in the water. The butcher came forward and dropped the bag. A Few seconds passed. Birbal: Now let me inspect the water. There were traces of oil in the water. Birbal: Hmm... There are drops of oil in the water. The drops come from the money bag. Such an oily money bag could only belong to an oil merchant . Seize the butcher and send him to prison. The butcher was taken out by the guards. Oilman: Thank you sir. Birbal: Be careful with your money. Birbal handed over the bag to the oil merchant. The oil merchant left the court with a smile on his face. "


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