Genre: Action-Entertainer
Starcast: Karan, Mithra, Rajesh
Director: Babu K. Viswanath
Music: Sakthi R Selva
Running Time:
Year: 2012

Karan is an upright man, who is mentored in his school days by a teacher! Even after becoming very successful in life, and gaining a high position in the society, Karan does not forget the teacher! Suddenly, the teacher finds herself in terrible danger, and when Karan gets to know of this, he does everything in his power to help his teacher! Mithra plays the female lead in this movie, which has Vivek providing the comic relief through his unique brand of humour! To know what problem the teacher is facing, who are the villains scheming behind all these problems and how Karan goes to her aid, watch this action packed movie DHARAMYUDH ! Movie


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